With the 2.0 and the english translation, we would like to thank :

– Every one of you that has been here at the launch in French ! With more than 100 000 Smash Tests passed and more than 500 000 sessions in 2 months, you showed us how much you supported us. This success is the most beautiful reward we could expect for all this hours we spent conceiving and creating SmashPro.Tips.


– Thanks a lot to the whole team of translators that did an amazing job and that made that 2.0 version possible ! A massive thanks to :

Chichille le manager (2 trads /3 proofreadings + management)
– Sanchu la machine (18 trads / 4 proofreadings)
– Nini le monstre (17 trads)
Whiteclaw en temps partiel ( 13 trads / 1 proofreading)
– Mist le meilleur des relecteurs (3 trads / 5 proofreadings)
– Tisushi (4 trads)
– Boketto (4 trads)
– Abigail ROBART (4 proofreadings)
– Bouboune (2 trads / 2 proofreadings)
– TML|Roronoa (3 trads)
– NathanBRDNT (3 trads)
– Mr.Camion (3 proofreadings)
– Zanter12 (2 trads)
– MichaelJayHD (2 trads)
Sam-x-Hunt (2trads)
– IBP Waze (1 trad)
– Lucas P (1 trad)
– Demettrius (1 trad)
– Chewquy (1 trad)
– Tilink (1 trad)


Download the app on your phone and on your computer !

The website is here ! However, if you want to have an easier access to it every time you play or during a tournament, don’t worry ! By downloading it as an app, you can easily access to Smash Pro every time you want to.

On your phone

Check the website on your favourite explorer and click on the options button (image 1). For the example, we will use Safari on an iPhone.

Image 1

Check that the Smash Test mention is there and then scroll downwards (image 2).

Image 2

Click on “Sur l’écran d’accueil” (image 3).

Image 3

You can change the name if you want. Then click on “Ajouter” (image 4). And here you go !

Image 4

You can find the website as an app on your phone (image 5).

Image 5

When you open it, you don’t have an url anymore and the website works as an app in full screen (image 6). Besides, you can check this page with no connexion if you already visited the website once.

Image 6

On my computer

Visit the website on your favourite explorer and click on the page’s options on the right of your url (image 7). For the example, we will use Chrome on a Mac.

Image 7

Then, click on “Installer” in the popup that will appear (image 8).

Image 8

Now the app is available from your home whether you are on a Mac or a Windows computer (image 9). You can directly access to it and the app will automatically update when new elements will appear on the website !

Image 9

Now you have the app on your phone or on your computer. You don’t have any excuses left not to become the next Smash Bros. Ultimate’s new champion !