75 Byleth

First appearance :
Fire Emblem Three Houses (2019 - Switch)

Byleth is a character who benefits from a long range and some brutal attacks to push away his opponents in order to put them at a more appropriate range for him, in order to compensate his pretty slow attacks. So, when the opponent is close enough to be hit by the tipper of his spear, Byleth can quickly take down an enemy’s stock.




  • A lot of range
  • Big damages
  • A big killpower
  • Anti aerial attacks


  • Low mobility
  • Exploitable recovery
  • One of the worst disadvantages
  • Slow attacks



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de king-k-rool
  • icône de ganondorf
Combo food
  • icône de ness
  • icône de dr-mario
  • icône de mr-game-and-watch
Lacks range


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de inkling
  • icône de samus-sans-armure
Small hurtbox
  • icône de snake
  • icône de mega-man
  • icône de banjo-et-kazooie
Projectiles' zoner
  • icône de shulk
Same range  



  • Good setups with the triplats
  • Can quickly kill from above


  • No options to land
  • Hard to get out of a disadvantage state


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Byleth coup spécial de Byleth

Byleth is a character that uses weapons from his students: it means that he can attack with an axe, a spear and a bow in addition to his sword. Each direction he's attacking to will allow Byleth to use a different weapon. The axe will be used by using the stick downward, the spear by using the stick forward and the bow by not using the stick at all. It also should be noted that Byleth's up B is useful for several things: sticking to the ledge, to the walls and to the enemies, sending them to hell in purpose to climb even higher.

Best moves


    It is the greatest Byleth's move, his principal combo tool and his best Out Of Shield option. Using it when falling gives you a new hitbox, which can surprise your enemies and lead either to a grab, to a techchase situation or to a Dash attack than can even kill near the bounds of the stage. Be careful, because it is still vulnerable on a shield, so it is necessary to variate your landing's timing.

  • UP AIR

    Up air is an excellent juggling tool, covering a large zone above Byleth. Moreover, it kills pretty soon and can even end combos that kills around 110% when the Up Air is used just after a Down Tilt.


    These two moves are the best Byleth's spacing tools. Actually, using the most powerful part of them make them safe-on-shield. So, the two attacks needs to be spaced in order to be used as efficiently as possible. In one hand, the Forward air goes a little faster, is great for the neutral. In the other hand, the Back air is more useful to kill enemies, ejecting them directly into the side blastzones.


    Byleth longer or shorter charges an arrow. It deals around 15% and it is used either to take % or to deal massive damage to a shield. The arrow is cancelable by shielding or jumping, making the Neutral B a very good tool for conditioning the opponent to shield or to jump, and then to punish him with an aerial attack. The second arrow has a marvelous ejection potential, deals 30% and brings massive destruction to shields

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Forward Tilt

    Forward Air

    Back Air

    Neutral B

    Neutral Air

    Up B

    Up Smash, Up Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Lion's roar

    The side B is a jump-catcher or tech-chaser attack, but remains very risky outside these two situations. This special move carries massive lag, especially on a shield, leaving you very punishable if you just throw it without thinking. Besides, the killing hitbox of the move is placed on top of the circular arc : thus, this is not an optimal solution.

    Fear the deer

    In the same way, two moves are better if never being used (except for fun): the fully charged Neutral B and the Down B. Both are extremely laggy moves and are among the slowest moves in the game, so it's better to get used not to use them at all, except possibly when your opponent is in a shieldbreak situation.

    The eye of the eagle

    Byleth is a kind of patient character, punishing opponent's errors. You must not spam aerial aggressions with Forward and Neutral Air and better approach cautiously because most of his attacks are laggy, knowing that if you lose the neutral on a mistake, leaving the disadvantage's state will be much harder.

    In a nutshell

    Byleth is a character with many tools for him: his starting-combos neutral air, his massive range or his bow are always keeping opponent far away. Furthermore, he has a great ability to take down a stock very quickly when you throw well-placed attacks, thus forcing you to train yourself to space, either to stay safe or to kill your opponent. In a nutshell, a character made for those who don't like being rushed and who want to use big massive satisfying attacks.

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