11 Captain Falcon

First appearance :
F-Zero (1990-SNES)

Captain Falcon is one of the fastest characters in the game while possessing a devastating combo game, which allows him to very quickly take over an opponent’s stock with style ! More than just a character, he has become the symbol of the hype in Smash !




  • One of the fastest
  • Incredible combo game
  • Powerful attacks


  • Worst turn around
  • No disjointed attacks
  • Exploitable recovery



  • icône de roi-dadidou
  • icône de king-k-rool
  • icône de felinferno
Combo food


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de carapuce
  • icône de inkling
Small and fast
  • icône de lucina
  • icône de shulk
  • icône de mr-game-and-watch



  • Quickly kill by the side




Pro Tips

Best moves


    This is his best attack. If you only perform the first attack when landing, it is possible to keep attacking with all the Captain's aerial attacks. The second hit of the Neutral Air has a much more horizontal ejection and can then be followed by a grab. It is also a good edgeguard tool. Generally speaking it's a quick move to get out, which has not much lag so you can use it without too much risk even if it's punishable.


    This is a good spacing tool, very useful to pressure the opponent in neutral and that can lead at low percent combos on a grab. And if the percentages are a bit higher it sends in tech chase situations. Certainly the character's best edgeguard tool and one of his most commonly used kill moves.


    It's also an interesting move because it's a good tool in the neutral game since the move can be spaced and it's his fastest tilt. This is the right option to choose on the ground in the neutral and it can often be used in variation with the jab or Dash Attack. An attack that can send in a tech chase situation, which can potentially start a combo.

  • UP B

    You can also use this move aggressively. Keep in mind that it is a command grab, which means that the attack beats the shields and also covers a large area, which can sometimes surprise those who are not aware of its range. A very useful strike against those who like to protect themselves, especially when the opponent is protecting himself on a platform.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Side B

    Dash Attack, Up Tilt, F Tilt, Nair, Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Back Air

    Up Air

    Neutral Air, Up Air

    Back Air

    Up B, Jab


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Calm the Maximum Velocity

    You must be very careful not to neglect the neutral and the disadvantage phases. Many players take the character only to be able to setup big combos, which is not necessarily viable at a higher level. It is therefore important to master something other than the character's highlights and to know how to handle the moments when the character is not at his advantage.

    Blood Falcon Grab

    Be careful not to always grab to place combos. A lot of interesting options come from a grab with the captain, however, it's very easy to read and very punishable, so you should use it carefuly.

    Show Me Your Moves

    Don't try at all costs to quickly take over your opponent's stock. One of the common mistakes is to throw random Down B or Up B when you panic. Instead, focus on creating opportunities to be able to place these types of attacks. An Up B will connect easier if you have conditioned the enemy to protect himself, to land on a platform or when you are in ledgetrap situation. And then, last tip, prefer to use the Back Air in kill confirms or edgeguard's situations to take a stock.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Captain Falcon, pleasure will come from the charisma of the character. He is a character who can by himself rise the hype in tournaments thanks to his big combo game. Using his sequences or powerful attacks like the knee is terribly satisfying in the middle of a match and will leave no one indifferent. The character gives the feeling that he can kill his opponent very quickly, which is reassuring and makes you want to keep playing the character. Be careful though, because at a competitive level, you will have to adapt to all Match Ups and to all opponents if you want to get good results.

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