61 Cloud

First appearance :
Final Fantasy VII (1997 - PS1)

Cloud is a sword character with great range, disjoints, and incredible mobility which makes him a fearsome character who can pressure his opponents into bad situations and options. Even with the indefinite Limit Mode removed and some of his more ridiculous moves tuned down from Smash 4 for Wii & 3DS, he is still a well-rounded fighter who often places well in tier lists.




  • Great aerial mobility
  • Great grounded mobility
  • Good pressure n advantage
  • A great range


  • Recovery is not free
  • Not very useful grab
  • Struggles to kill



  • icône de kirby
  • icône de mario
  • icône de ness
Lacks range
  • icône de peach
  • icône de samus-sans-armure
  • icône de palutena
Tight neutral


  • icône de pikachu
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Too fast and small
  • icône de joker
  • icône de shulk
Easily gimps
  • icône de bowser
  • icône de ridley
Hard to eject  



  • Useful platforms to juggle


  • Too many space offstage
  • No platforms


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Cloud coup spécial de Cloud

Cloud has its own Limit Gauge. This gauge fills up automatically according to the damage received (100%) and inflicted (150%). However, there is a way to load this gauge faster (6 seconds) using Down B. This gives Cloud a Limit Break status that will improve his stats by 10-20% for 15 seconds. In addition to his attributes being modified, it also gives Cloud improved special attacks and a different attack, the Finishing Touch, which allows him to get rid of an opponent fairly quickly.

Best moves


    This is the main move to approach in the neutral, because the attack is safe on a shield if it is enough spaced.! The range of this attack is really great helping to build a wall of attacks. In ledgetrap in particular, the attack is particularly amazing to punish a jump for example. It is the main kill move to take a stock without a limit and a very good tool to start combos that can inflict up to 40%.


    It also has a lot of similarities with the Back air. Indeed this attack can also create a defensive wall while being pretty safe thanks to its great range. The attack allows Cloud to initiate a lot of combos and is very useful to punish an opponent's jump. On the other hand, the attack is slower than the Back air, which is compensated by its huge hitbox, making it more useful in edguegard situations.

  • DOWN B

    This is a very useful attack to boost Cloud's speed and special attacks for 15 seconds or less depending on whether Cloud takes damage. The limit can also help you to get back on the stage more easily. An attack that can therefore make you weak and that needs to be used when the opponent is far away.

  • SIDE B

    It is also a very good option for Cloud since the attack is relatively fast and because it allows you to attack a jumping enemy. The attack can inflict almost 25% damage, which is quite good ! It's also a good combo finisher because it can be preceded by a lot of aerial attacks! Beyond that, the attack can hit from 1 to 3 times, so it can be very useful to condition and to surprise your opponent.


    It is the only Cloud's projectile that allows you to vary your approaches and to play defensively while inflicting damages. By its projectile nature, it is also an interesting tool to prevent some enemies' recovery ! Finally, in a limit status, this attack also lets you easily get rid of an opponent !

  • UP B

    This attack comes out at frame 7 which makes it a very good out of shield option while inflicting almost 20% damage if the full attack hits ! The attack is devastating to punish a lot of approaches or attacks on a shield that are usually safe. Besides, if you're ever under a limit, it's an easy way to kill an enemy with an out of shield option.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Up Tilt

    Back Air

    Neutral Air, Up Air

    Forward Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Know your limit

    Indeed, it will be important to master this limit and to avoid using it wrongly by fear of the timer. , On the contrary, it's a very interesting tool to camp with, so it's important to keep it as much as you can. The limit gives you a significant gain in speed and it can always be interesting to keep it in case you need to return to the stage more easily.

    Motion Sickness

    Cloud has a recovery that can be exploited, so you have to save his second jump for the best time and try to grab the edge with the up B the lowest possible in order to expose Cloud as little as possible. It is also necessary to keep his resources as much as possible, which means avoiding going out of the stage to edgeguard an enemy too much, because the slightest mistake can hurt Cloud a lot. It is indeed better to charge your limit bar on the field or to try to ledgetrap !

    Who am I ?

    Cloud is a character with whom it is necessary to be patient and who mainly relies on zoning and defensive moves. Too often, beginners go and rush into the game, which is far from being a good idea. Cloud excels at creating a wall of attack in front of his enemy and at violently punishing the slightest opening ! It will be necessary once again to be patient and to vary your approaches !

    In a nutshell

    His movements' fluidity and his long range makes Cloud really enjoyable to control. The character is also based on the fundamentals of the game, and especially on the neutral's control. He also has a lot of rather satisfying attacks to place, especially via the limit, which means he can also quickly return the course of a match. All these things make Cloud a rather pleasant character to watch. Beyond that, the character comes from one of the most popular games of all time, which necessarily makes it way more interesting to control.

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