62 Corrin

First appearance :
Fire Emblem Fates (2015 - 3DS)

Corrin is a fighter with a very good range with disjointed attacks and many combos’ possibilities, especially at low pourcentages. She is a character that will not let her opponent rest as soon as she is in advantage phase, to fastly increase her enemy’s %.




  • Excellent range
  • Disjointed attacks
  • Great combo game
  • Dangerous in ledgetrap


  • Struggles to approach
  • Not that good when grounded
  • Struggles to kill



  • icône de mario
  • icône de ness
  • icône de kirby
Lacks range


  • icône de fox
  • icône de joker
  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de link
  • icône de samus
  • icône de snake



  • Needs the triplats to combo
  • Useful wall to recover with the Side B


  • No platform
  • Side B bothered with the slopes


Pro Tips

Best moves

  • UP AIR

    It is a very versatile attack thanks to its huge range and its bump up effect. This option allows Corrin to catch up aerials, to juggle, to start, continue or finish a combo and to cover a jump close to the edge or to a plateform ! However, this attack is very interesting when reversed and it can become a powerful neutral phase tool.


    It is an essential move in Corrin’s arsenal. It is a good tool to initiate a combo, to ledgetrap and to prevent any enemy’s approaches while ejecting your enemy upwards. Besides, Neutral Air has other attributes because it is her fastest aerial, making of it a good out of shield option, a move that hits all around her. Be careful though because the move is also punishable on a shield.


    This move is very important because it is a kill move that also allows Corrin to move or to comeback on stage. This attack make you move a bit to the side when you use it ! That may be very useful to feint your opponent or to get closer to the stage. Notice that it is a good combo finisher and often a kill confirm.

  • SIDE B

    This attack deal 22% damages, can be used in many ways and has a huge range. The Side B can be used in one or two steps to go in a specific direction. Used alone, it has a tipper that allows her to hardly eject her opponent. This attack is also useful to punish or to edgeguard. Notice that this attack can be used against walls, like in Kalos, to mix up your recovery.


    This attack shoots a water ball that may paralize and kill her opponent pretty early if you perform it close enough to your opponent and if you keep pressing B.


    It is an interesting multihit kill move. It is very useful to condition the opponent to shield and to punish any enemy’s spotdodge attempts or any enemy getting up at the ledge !

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Side B

    Down Tilt, Jab

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air

    Up Air

    Side B

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Forward Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Not many revelations

    With Corrin, you should not to spam your special attacks, especialy during the neutral. Even if the neutral B and the Side B may be interesting, these both have a lot of endlag and can be easily punished. So, always try to be not vulnerable in neutral even if you missed an attack.

    Let your heritage go

    Then, be careful not to overuse the Down Air if you are in a disadventage phase. It can be highly predictible and punishable especially if your opponent reads your game and prepares a counter. This attack has been nerfed since Smash 4 so be careful when using it.

    Stop your conquest

    Even if Corrin has a good combo set, be careful not to overextend your combos to keep your advantage. This also works for the juggle phases. You only risk to lose your advantage and to find yourself in a bad position ! This is especially dangerous offstage because of Corrin's bad recovery!

    In a nutshell

    As many defensive characters, playing with Corrin will give you the feeling that everything runs just like you planned it. Your goal is to condition your opponent to come closer and to jump to create openings in your opponent's guard to start combos and juggle phases. In addition, she owns atacks with a tipper mechanic, as Marth, which make these attacks particularly pleasant to correctly use because they require a perfect spacing ! In short, a rather unknown and under-represented character who has a great potential and unique options that make her really pleasant to handle.

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