04E Dark Samus

First appearance :
Metroid Prime (2002 - GC)

Dark Samus is an echo character that is not that different from Samus because it has the same attacks than her, despite some hitboxes differences. Just like Samus, it is a character with a great projectiles game, that can also count on its numerous melee attacks to vary its approaches.




  • A flexible character
  • A good aerial game
  • A good recovery


  • Weak to ladder combos
  • Loses against disjoints



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Combo food
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Exploitable recovery
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Needs to come closer


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Hard to hit
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  • Needs some space
  • Kills from above


  • Too small
  • Ledgetrap bothered


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Dark Samus coup spécial de Dark Samus

Unlike Samus, Dark Samus possesses attacks with the electric elements on it and not the fire ones, stopping it from exploding bombs with its attacks. The roll animation is also different because Dark Samus doesn't roll. Its roll is then faster but doesn't reduce its hitbox, which makes Dark Samus easier to hit. Finally, some attacks like the Up Smash or the Side B's missile hit lower thant Samus' same attacks, allowing Dark Samus to easily hit smallest characters.

Best moves


    All Dark Samus’ aerial attacks have their own advantages. Back air has great knockback power. Neutral Air is Dark Samus’ swiss army knife and can be used for everything. Lastly, Forward Air is very helpful in a combo situation and for punishing jumps from the opponent.


    One of Dark Samus’ greatest strengths because when charged, it can put psychological pressure on its opponents who know that their shield can be broken or that they can take heavy damage and then being knocked back.

  • DOWN B

    It is a very interesting tool in Dark Samus’ arsenal since it allows it to play safely on many difficult matchups. Indeed, it gives Dark Samus the ability to vary its approaches to recover on the stage and also to prevent the opponent to get back on stage.

  • UP B

    It is a very interesting move since it can kill at high percentages and because it is also a great out of shield option as long as the enemy is close enough. Otherwise, if your enemy is too far away, this option can put you in a great disadvantage state.


    An attack that is a good combo starter, especially one that is true at low percent and that deals almost 40%.

  • GRAB

    Followed by a down throw, the grab gives you many interesting combo options. However it will mostly be helpful to poke your enemy’s shield, to put pressure on the opponent and then to hit him with a big strike while staying safe.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up B

    Up Air

    Neutral B


    Neutral Air

    Up B

    Up Air

    Neutral Air, Zair, Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Métroid, Work, Sleep

    Watch out and don’t spam your projectiles every second. The character has other talents and is not only a projectiles dam. Dark Samus’ projectiles are certainly interesting but you can’t only rely on them. Don’t forget to use your aerials or your grab to mix your approaches and to put pressure on your opponent.

    Chozo weapon

    Don’t be afraid of the neutral B even though the opponent has a reflector. You may take the risk to get it thrown back at you but even though, it will frighten your enemy. In fact, he will know that he has to be cautious not to get punished too hard which may drive him to make mistakes. And don’t forget that even a not fully charged shot is still a great tool.

    Watch the echo

    Dark Samus’ Grab is an excellent tool which can be severely punished. Despite that fact, you shouldn’t be afraid to use it because it can also lead to great advantage situations which again can scare your opponent. Moreover, if your enemy tends to shield, he will have to choose riskier options than shield which gives Dark Samus the opportunity to hardly punish her opponent.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Dark Samus, pleasure will come from its flexibility and its capacity to mix different approaches, switching from melee combat to ranged combat. That makes it very versatile to use with strong attacks and combos easily doable at low percent. Furthermore it is a character who can put a good pressure on its enemies and gives the feeling that Dark Samus owns the stage and how its opponents will approach. A character to save to the most patient players who always want to have an overall view on the stage.

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