36 Diddy Kong

First appearance :
Donkey Kong Country (1994 - SNES)

Diddy Kong possesses loads of options in the neutral game, in order to punish and to impose his rhythm to his opponent. This explains why it will be difficult to face a Diddy Kong if you are not prepared to, because he will easily combo you, leaving you no space and no escape.




  • Really good combo game
  • Good neutral
  • Nice ground mobility
  • Small size
  • Ledgetrap


  • Requires practice
  • Bad disadvantage state
  • Usable recovery
  • Struggles to kill



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Combo food
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Top tier


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Small and fast
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  • Can run everywhere
  • The enemy can't land


  • Hard against campers
  • Annoying slopes for the Side and Down B


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Diddy Kong coup spécial de Diddy Kong

Diddy's side B can either be use as a command grab or as a foot strike, having priority on other attacks and projectiles. The banana is the core of Diddy's game. It is one of the best tools of the entire game, passing through nearly all other projectiles. Holding a banana is also a good conditioning action, forcing the opponent to shield, giving you an opportunity to grab him while still holding the banana. Be careful though, when inputting down B, Diddy drops his banana behind him, making him vulnerable. You will have to wait the perfect time to pick it up serenely for, a Diddy equipped with a banana is terrifying !

Best moves


    With its good hitbox, this move can easily be followed up by another aerial attack, working until high percentage. Nailing this move is a guaranteed combo starter, to pressure your opponent in disadvantage state or to even spike.

  • SIDE B

    One of diddy's most useful special attack. Breaking projectiles, this move is useful to quickly reach your opponent, to punish rolls or simply just runaway ! It can help you to come back in the game, kill at the ledge and don't forget to transform this attack in a command grab during the last frames...resulting in a smacking surprise !

  • DOWN B

    Diddy drops a banana on the ground, which he can pick up. Just throw the fruit at the opponent's face and start an all-you-can- « hit »-buffet leading you to an advantage state. It also is a good out of shield option, if already holding the banana. A fantastic projectile, that need to be respected, and the main pressuring tool of Diddy.


    Fairly good move, quick and hard to punish, it can KO on some combos. Great in rising attack but best while landing, to space or to put some pressure on the shield. An attack that gets the job done.


    It is better when performed in a rising jump, because it can be canceled when fast falling on the ground, making it a decent option during neutral to shield pressure. Also, in patch 8.0, this move’s hitbox was buffed, making it a good anti-air option.


    Having a little bit of lag, it is a great shield pressure tool and a good combo starter and can even lead to KO. A good attack which, on some character, can be chained up.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up Air, Down Tilt

    Back Air, Up Smash

    Back Air

    Neutral Air

    Side B attaque

    Up Smash

    Up B, Back Air

    Forward Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Little by little grow the bananas

    Don't spawn a banana every time or your opponent will be able to easily pick it up, which can be dangerous. Anyway, you need to be more creative and learn how to play without your special fruit, because during a match, it is not unusual for the banana to be reflected or even borrowed !

    Leaving the barrel

    Side B is the core of Diddy's neutral game with his down B. Nevertheless it is not a reason to mash it, counting only on its versality. Don't forget, if you are too predictable, this attack can easily be countered, the opponent simply backing up and Forward smashing you. Again, just muddle your game’s up and also remember it is a good tool to actually mix up your recovery.

    Diddy Kong not racing

    Given the monkey ground speed and his good frame data, we could be tempted to dash in and play diddy as a rush down character. Even if it might be a good solution, for example to mix up your game rhythm, Diddy's potential is completely revealed when being patient.

    In a nutshell

    For Diddy , gaming pleasure will come from the delightful sensation of domination, once you get to be familiar with the monkey. He is then a playful character, rather fun with it's banana traps, even if against some character the fruit should be banned and Diddy played differently. His good mobility makes Diddy a nervous character, pleasant to experiment with. He also possesses three unusual attacks, all three having their purpose, chaining up well and creating a terrifying combo game. A technical character, containing loads of possibilities, imposing his rules through sheer hard slaps and who should not be underestimated in Ultimate.

    Going furhter

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