50 Greninja

First appearance :
Pokemon X and Y (2013 - 2DS/3DS)

Greninja is a fast and mobile character who can count on his safe attacks to initiate devastating combos that will allow him to very quickly take over an enemy’s stock. He is also an expert in whiff punishing, which consists in provoking the opponent so that he attacks in the wind before you are able to hit him.




  • Fast and mobile
  • Great kill confirms
  • Safe combos
  • Excellent in edgeguard
  • A strong punish game


  • No good OOS options
  • A recovery without an hitbox
  • Multihits that don't connect
  • Struggles with the pressure



  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de marie
  • icône de ridley
Can't do anything


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de peach
  • icône de pichu
Big pressure  



  • Walls to comeback if spiked
  • Avoid to be ledgetrapped with the platforms


  • Gives you less space to move


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Greninja coup spécial de Greninja

Greninja is a character with some specifities. Firstly, he can use his Up B to come back on stage but also to push an opponent in the opposite direction he is facing because he throws water behind him. Against an Ike who loads a side b, it can be very interesting to help him to cross the field and to help him finish in the void. An other fun fact concerns his down taunt which has two hitboxes at the place where the water escapes from Greninja’s hands.

Best moves


    It’s a very important attack in Greninja’s neutral because it’s a safe option which allows him to start combos ans to create openings in the neutral. As soon as Greninja finds an opening, he may deal a lot of damages.


    It is also a very good attack that can kill, explaining why we can use it as a combo starter or as a finisher one. It’s an attack which has a large horizontal range which allows him to inflict a massive pressure on the opposing shield while staying far enough to be safe. Thanks to its attributes, this move alone allows Greninja to win against the majority of the swordmen and swordwomen.


    This move can be more or less loaded to cover more or less distance, more or less quickly, while dealing more or less damages. If the move is a little charged, it’s a good way to force your opponent to always move in order not to stupidly lose %. And if the move is fully charged, you can then set up a lethal combo with an opponent at low percents thanks to Neutral b and the Side b.


    The down tilt is a very good move to start combos and to safely put pressure on the opposing shield. We can also note that when you use this attack, Greninja becomes more difficult to hurt because he crouches, that may be interesting to punish an ennemy that can have missed you.


    This move also allows Greninja to start a combo. However, you must be careful, because even this move can start a lot of combos and very interesting advantage phases, it’s a move you must not use in the Neutral but rather as an option to punish an opponent and that must be used in order to react and not as a preventive attack.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Down Tilt

    Back Air

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air

    Back Air

    Back Air

    Up Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Shinobi's pain

    Even if the Dash Attack is a move which can lead to many very interesting phases, nevertheless it’s an option that should not be used in the Neutral while hoping to find an opening. This is a option to punish and not a safe move in the neutral, and remember that you can’t win the neutral with this attack. And against, if an opponent knows how the character play, you will simply be heavily punished if you just spam this option.

    It's raining, it's wet ...

    You will have to master your combos and especially to know at what % you can use them. This is especially true with the kill confirms because if you perform one at a bad time, it’s an opportunity to take a stock that flies away as well as the fact of winning the neutral for nothing because the situation may even turn against yourself. So, learn when you can use each specific combo according to the opponent’s character, its weight and its gravity too.

    The recovery's fog

    Given that the Greninja’s recovery doesn’t have a hitbox, many new players tend to go back on stage with the side b hoping to hit the opponent in the process. If this attack is not done properly, it can make you even more vulnerable before you catch the ledge, especially if your opponent has a counter move.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Greninja, pleasure will come from the fact that the chracter has a great mobility which makes him very pleasant to control. It can be very pleasant to escape from a dangerous situation without your opponent can even catch you. Moreover Greninja is a character who offers a true depth in his gameplay with a lot of combos and kill confirms that you will have to master and on which you will always be able to count in. This means that when you will take a stock after a perfectly mastered phase, the feeling of accomplishment will be really pleasant, and you will rarely be frustrated. To sum up, a character who needs you to always be on the go and to always correctly read your enemy’s game to be able to perform big combos phases.

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