72 Hero

First appearance :
Dragon Quest (1986 - NES)

Hero is certainly one of those characters that came with a lot of questions. In fact, he is a fun character whith many random options that lets him take a stock pretty fast. However, beyond his capacities, he remains a solid character, who needs time to be fully discovered.




  • Very good grounded game
  • Terrifying specials
  • Great combo game
  • Versatile
  • Surprising


  • Bad frame data
  • Bad disadvantage
  • Random
  • Can lack mana



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Combo food
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Struggles to get close
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Tight game


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Too fast
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Small size  



  • Needs some space
  • Can easily cover the platforms


  • Too small
  • SV can be risky or not


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Hero coup spécial de Hero

The Hero possesses a MP gauge that can empty itself when you use a special move, and that can regenerate itself as time goes by and if you hit your opponent or your opponent’s shield. Knowing how to manage your gauge of mana is essential to claim victory. In fact, once empty, it can prevent you from going back on stage. The Hero is also a character that has the possibility to perform critical hits on his smash attacks, dealing massive damages and killing at insanely low percent. Finally, his Down B is also particular because it opens a menu where the player can choose between 4 spells generated randomly among 21.

Best moves


    It is a projectile which can be charged more or less, throwing three differents fireballs with each ball having its own utility. The first one is slow, but travels a long way, which forces the opponent to react. The second is mostly used to regain control of the stage. Finally, the third one, the most powerful, is simply a nuke launched at your opponent that deals massive damage and that kills extremely quickly.

  • SIDE B

    It is also a move with 3 charge levels, that is useful to push away an opponent that is too close. The first charge level is quite slow but has a huge range. The second is certainly the best of the three, with the damage it deals and the range it has. Finally, the third level is an extremely powerful move, but which is way too slow to be really useful.

  • UP B

    It is Hero’s main tool for recovering, but also a great out of shield option in order to push the enemy away, since the move hits on both side. Like the others special move, it can be charged more or less. Note that the 3 different Up B always launch opponents behind the Hero. Notice that the final charge of this move can be useful for edgeguarding or ledgetraping.

  • DOWN B

    It is the Hero’s signature move. The Hero pulls randomly 4 moves among 21 possible. It generally is 4 different type of moves: projectiles, upgrades, sword moves and the weird ones. A move always surprising that can lead to pretty funny situations.


    The Hero’s best move on the ground with its gigantic hitbox, which allows The Hero to hit anyone on top of him. Up Tilt covers entirely most of the platforms and a lot of options the enemy has to approach. A great defensive option, but also an offensive on, considering that the move launchs your enemy on a very interesting angle for juggling. It also can kill under the effects of Psyche Up around 90/100%.


    This is Hero’s best aerial move. This move is a great way to approach your opponent in the air while allowing you to juggle almost every character or to start combos at almost every percentage. A move that possesses great frame data and one of the few safe moves of the character.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Up B

    Up Air

    Down Tilt, Jab


    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Up B

    Up Air

    Neutral Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Veronicabsence of mana

    Hero possesses a mana gauge, and it isn’t just here for decoration ! Being a Hero player, you have great interest on keeping an eye on it and on filling it as soon as you can, since it gives the character every imaginable option, like big ass spells that hurt quite a bit, or a recovery to come back from everywhere. Without Mana, you are naked, and you’ll need to find a way to get it back as fast as you can the safest way possible.

    Duel monster spirits is dead

    Another common mistake with the Hero is to not look at which spell you’re about to cast, and to simply choose the first one on the top of the list in order to surprise the opponent who won’t be able to react. However, it is the best way to choose Kamikaze and to stupidly lose a stock, or to hit a sword move in the void and to stupidly lose mana. Prefer not to use anything if nothing worths the shot, in order to safe ressources.

    The Luminary

    Be careful not to play too aggressively. Before everything, Hero is a defensive character that requires to act patiently. It is always possible to get some offensive phases, but the character definitely doesn’t have the frame data needed to pressure his opponent like other sword fighters. So, the less interactions you have with your opponent, the more you’ll be dangerous.

    In a nutshell

    The Hero is a truly atypical character, with his mechanic of mana and his spells menu, which obviously reminds RPG mechanisms from the good old times. Beyond that, the Hero possesses a lot of different options, whether it is melee options or ranged options, which allows the player to go from one play style to another while being able to sometime hit with some hard critical hits. This offers a lot of liberty to the character, and gives the Hero players the feeling of fully controlling the stage, and to block everything that happens on stage.

    Going furhter

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