69 Incineroar

First appearance :
Pokémon Sun and Moon (2016 - 3DS)

Incineroar is a character who can rely on his launch power to spread chaos and fear on his opponents as soon as he is close enough. Between all of his grabs and special moves, it is hard to stay safe, at least if you are within his range, because he has the worst ground mobility of the game.




  • Powerful moves
  • Powerful grabs
  • Heavy weight
  • Great combo game
  • Ledgetrap


  • Awful mobility
  • Combo food
  • Usable recovery
  • Bad neutral



  • icône de dr-mario
  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de little-mac
Another low tier
  • icône de link
  • icône de snake
  • icône de wolf
Tight game


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  • icône de samus-sans-armure
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Fast and combos
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  • icône de sonic
Overpass him  



  • Small field to kill early
  • Useful platforms to land


  • Stays far
  • Without platforms


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Incineroar coup spécial de Incineroar

Incineroar’s down B works like a counter. If you hit Incineroar while he is flashing, he will repel his opponent with a fire aura and accumulate power depending on the move that hits him, increasing the power of his next move. However, if Incineroar gets grabbed, take 36% or if 1 minute passes, he will lose the upgrade. His Side B is a command grab. If the Incineroar player doesn’t press any button, both Incineroar and his opponent will be pushed away. If Incineroar presses the attack button too early, the opponent will be sent up. If Incineroar perfectly times his attack the opponent will be violently launched behind Incineroar, which can lead to a very early kill.

Best moves


    It is Incineroar’s main combo starter. The attack has a huge disjointed hitbox considering Incineroar’s hitbox is less important while doing a down tilt. A very good way of maintaining his advantage, Can 2 frame and can also lead to a way-too-early kill confirm !

  • DOWN B

    It is a counter that only activates itself when Incineroar is hit while flashing. It is useful for getting out of disadvantage, of a combo, offstage or against projectiles. Part of the damages inflicted are cashed and Incineroar pushes away his opponent if he is too close. Depending on the power of the cashed move, Incineroar’s next damage and launch power will be more or less amplified , which can lead to, ultra violent WAY-TOO-EARLY kills.

  • SIDE B

    It is a command grab which deals a lot of damage, and can kill very early. As soon as the opponent is grabbed, depending on when you’re pressing the key attack, the move will send on three different angles. A grab that can frighten your opponent, mostly near the edge and that also helps vary your recovery.


    With this move, Incineroar spins on himself and becomes invulnerable at the beginning of the move when used on the ground. The move is quite fast and has 4 hitboxes that hit in the front and back of Incineroar. Although the move is punishable it is useful to launch an opponent away if he is too close to you. Besides, it becomes way more powerful if you are under a Down B effect. An attack that can be used for edgeguarding by letting you falling off the stage.


    It is his best out of shield option and lasts quite a bit, which makes it a really good tool for ledgetrap or edgeguard. Neutral Air can also help for combos, or even kill if you hit with the early frames of the move.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Down B

    Jab, Neutral Air

    Neutral B

    Up Air

    Back Air, Neutral Air

    Forward Air

    Neutral B dans les airs, Neutral Air

    Back Air, Up Air

    Up B


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Falling back on his feet

    Incineroar has a poor recovery. Because of that, his second jump is an essential resource. You will have to learn how to use it efficiently and avoid careless use. When you are getting edguarded, don’t lose your patience, stay calm and focused while trying to keep your precious second jump.

    Dark Body Press

    Knowing that you can get a huge reward if you manage to correctly use your Side B, many players have a tendency to overuse this move, or to even use it as a moving option. Don’t be too predictable. Incineroar’s goal will be to condition his opponent to protect himself in order to hit him. It’ll be a waste to remind your enemy this move exists.

    Keep his royal mask

    This follows the prior advice, but you could be tempted to mash powerful attacks, while playing Incineroar, mostly if you are under the influence of revenge. Don’t forget you can easily activate another revenge and have no obligation to exploit the one you already own at his maximum killing potential. Adding to that, be patient while playing, because it is easy for Incineroar to suffer a lot from big phases or projectiles. So try not to expose yourself too much, and wait for the opening !

    In a nutshell

    While playing Incineroar, pleasure will come from the fact that Incineroar is quite a powerful character that offers a true reward when you have correctly read your opponent’s game. His punishing game is pretty satisfying, with an honorable mention to his side B under revenge. You can also really feel the fear crawling in your opponent, that will most likely always run away from Incineroar. To sum up, it is surely one of the most entertaining characters to play as, thanks to his animations, and he will be a good fit for players with an instinctive understanding of their opponent’s behavior. Also, it always feels great to K.O in two or three hits, don’t you think ?

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