68 Isabelle

First appearance :
Animal Crossing New Leaf (2012 - 3DS)

Isabelle is a character who draws her strength from her ability to control the terrain with her projectiles. Her zoning game allows her to easily find an opening to deal damage when she gets close. Don’t underestimate her because her excellent advantage game, especially in a juggle or in a ledgetrap phase, could give you nightmares !




  • Excels in zoning
  • Great offstage game
  • Great tools to juggle
  • Excellent ledgetrap


  • Light weight
  • Unsafe moves on a shield
  • Zoning cancelled by some



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Anti projectiles
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Combo food


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Destroyed zoning
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  • Useful to kill upwards


  • Too hard to kill upwards
  • Slopes that bother the Down B


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Isabelle coup spécial de Isabelle

Isabelle has a Side B where she uses her fishing rod to bring back what she found. This can be a good opportunity to take items or projectiles and to put them in her pocket. However, sometimes she may catch a bigger catch, especially an enemy. The attack then becomes a real threat in edgeguard because Isabelle can throw her catch in any direction, including in the air. Note that you can choose the direction of your throw as well as its distance by pressing the stick more or less strongly.

Best moves


    This attack has no or very few lag, is a good starter combo, in addition of being a great killmove. In short, this attack is a real multi purpose tool which is an essential part of Isabelle's moveset !


    Isabelle's Up Tilt is also fearsome because the move has a good range around Isabelle. It comes out fast and allows to launch low percent combos. On top of that, it's a very good tool to counter aerial approaches. In short, another Isabelle's essential that can be crucial in some match-ups !

  • SIDE B

    Isabelle can also count on her famous fishing rod which is however a double-edged tool because if this attack misses, Isabelle can be violently punished ! However, the Side B allows to vary her recovery, is a very good kill move and is useful for ledgetrapping or for covering a lot of options in a tech chase situation.

  • DOWN B

    Isabelle's Down B is also very useful. Indeed, the enemy takes 20% damage from a missile and he will also not be able to DI, making of this move a really frightening move. Indeed, it can then be followed up by an Up Air or a Side B which makes of it a very interesting tool to lead to a kill confirm. However, as for the Side B, it is necessary to know how to use it correctly !

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Up Tilt, Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Back Air

    Forward Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Carpe diem !

    You will need to be very vigilant to only use her Side B when the situation allows it and when your Side B is as safe as possible. Even though Side B offers several variations, if you miss a Side B, it's the immediate punishment almost guaranteed, so be careful to be at a safe distance and to use it when you're not risking too much things.

    Raise the flag !

    Feel free to manually activate the Down B. A lot of Isabelle's players don't make enough use of all the advantages that are provided by this attack. Indeed, manually activating the bomb allows you to read jumps or even to prevent the opponent from breaking the mine himself ! So don't just wait for the opponent to step on it and have an active use of this attack !

    She is a bell

    A beginner's mistake is to think that Isabelle can only be played as a zoner. However, she has no way to kill her opponent safely from a distance (the Side B not being safe), nor to override the shield. It is therefore necessary to practice playing her in close combat by attempting evasive approaches and putting pressure on your opponent's shield, conditioning him with the projectiles and then grabbing him when he holds his shield.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Isabelle, pleasure will mainly come from the fact that she gives a second wind to the villager. She allows to cover some difficult match-ups by offering a rather similar but very different gameplay. Afterwards, some of the attacks like the fishing rod are so unique and atypical that they can also be worth learning how to play the character ! In short, a character that will require a lot of patience in your gameplay and that will teach you how to analyze the situation instead of rushing headlong to defeat your enemy !

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