49 Little Mac

First appearance :
Punch Out (1984 - NES)

Little mac is THE melee character, able to perform hard punches, but who will suffer a lot in the air. People always laugh about him due to his cheap aerial options that pull him at the bottom of the tierlist, but he might surprise you.




  • Really strong when grounded
  • Really fast moves
  • High speed
  • Super armor on some attacks


  • Poor aerials
  • Poor recovery
  • No safe attacks



  • icône de captain-falcon
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Can compete when he is close
  • icône de heros
  • icône de byleth
Slow character


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Projectiles' zoner
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Good in the air  



  • Gives enough mobility
  • To avoid against zoners


  • Struggles with the platforms
  • Bad aerial options


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Little Mac coup spécial de Little Mac

Little Mac owns a specific mechanic, the K.O. gauge located under his damage bar. If you deal or receive damages you will charge this gauge up. When it is fully charged, Little Mac's Neutral B switches with an insane uppercut that may kill the majority of the roster at 35%. Moreover, this attack is pretty fast, has super armor and is unblockable. Notice that its aerial version is weaker because it can be blocked and because it won’t kill under 80%.

Best moves


    This is an atack with a decent range, which is fast, and that can hit in 3 direction, in front, behind and above Little Mac. This is an interesting combo tool but only at low percentages. Above 20% it will mainly be used to tickle your opponent.

  • SIDE B

    His Side B is a fast and powerful attack too, that may be used as a low percentage combo tool, but that is often used to deal damages. That is a pretty sure kill confirm offstage, even if Little Mac won’t probably comeback on stage. That is a recovery option too, but it remains very tricky to use because you won't have a second chance if you get hit while doing it.


    It can be launched in 3 directions. Forward, this attack has a beter range and throws to the lateral blastzone. To the top, Little Mac get a very good hitbox above him and throws his opponent closer to the top. To the bottom, the attack has a low ejection , that may start a tech chase phase and deal huge damages to the opponent or to his shield. Well spaced, this attack also pushes your opponent back, allowing you to be safe.


    As surprising as it can be, his Neutral Air is very useful to break an opponent’s combo thanks to its very good frame data. Moreover, this move has a very interesting mechanic, because it will bring your opponent closer to Little Mac depending on the direction you are moving to,o the bottom, to the top or to the sides. A surprising tool that may force your opponent to Air Dodge and may let you the opportunity to hardly punish him.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Down Tilt, Up B

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air

    Up Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Up Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Over the captain rainbow

    Even if Little Mac is a melee character and has to get close to his opponent, you shouldn't run everywhere without game plan because a single mistake could be lethal. Little Mac can easily be pushed offstage and die. Therefore, you should never always stick to your opponent so take care and watch out your spacing. It is fundamental considering that Little Mac has an interesting range.

    Don't bite the ear

    Take care not to overuse some attacks like your Forward Smash, because even if this move grants you super armor, it has a lot of lag, which makes you vulnerable. In the same way, the Down B can be very interesting to mix up your recovery but it is easy for your opponent to punish it and if you use it in the wrong direction, you will go further offstage and die, so be careful.

    Air Mac !

    Despite his aerial gameplay worst than other characters, Little Mac is even so a character that may be surprising in the air. However, that requires you to be well prepared and to have a perfect control of the character because a single mistake can let you lose a stock. So one more time, your goal will always be to avoid to find yourself in a difficult situation because it can take you to an early death.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Little Mac, pleasure will come from one main point : you main a character, that is often underestimated but that is really fast, powerful and is not afraid of coming close to his opponent, quite the contrary. That is a fact, in a game like Super Smash Bros, it is definitively an issue to only have one main option to fight, being at close range. However, a character like Little Mac is rare and this is this rarity that makes him pleasant to play. Moreover, winning a game with a character considered as a low tier and with many weaknesses is highly rewarding, especially when you manage to spike your oponent. That will mean that you have succeed to read your oponent's gameplay and to react fastly with accuracy as a boxer would do. Therefore, mastering him requires a complete self control and a lot of courage if you consider that he can easily die at low %. To sum up, he is definitively not a character to begin the game with.

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