41 Lucario

First appearance :
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (2006 - DS)

Lucario is a character that can adapt against every type of opponent thanks to his aerial and grounded mobility. Moreover, he possesses a brand unique ability: the Aura, that absurdly buffs his inner power! Thus, this character can make powerful comebacks and can give a massive and very interesting psychological advantage.




  • Aerial and grounded mobility
  • Polyvalent
  • Aura's mechanic


  • Light-weighted for his mechanic
  • Aura can be useless
  • Slow attacks
  • Hard to master



  • icône de bayonetta
  • icône de mega-man
  • icône de pac-man
Bad kill power
  • icône de roi-dadidou
  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de felinferno
Low aerial mobility


  • icône de roy
  • icône de chrom
  • icône de palutena
Better in the air
  • icône de lucina
  • icône de shulk
  • icône de ike
Range and sword  



  • Needs some space to survive longer
  • Close platforms to combo


  • Prevents from using the Neutral B at the ledge to 2 frame
  • Too small


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Lucario coup spécial de Lucario

Lucario has his own mechanic: the Aura. From 65% to 190%, his attacks will improve, doing more damages and ejecting further. This is multiplied at a maximum of 1.67, when Lucario reaches 190%. However, some other conditions matters, like if Lucario has more stocks or not than his opponent, and if the fight is a 1v1 or a 2v2.

Best moves


    The Aura sphere is useful, either the charge or the projectile. The Neutral B is the most important tool, allowing you to win a game. In one hand, the projectile deals massive damages and gives Lucario a great kill potential, and in the other hand, the charge will pressure your opponent, sometimes even leading to a kill.


    Each aerial is useful. Coupled with one of the best aerial mobility in the game and a pretty good frame data, these are the best tools to approach and to cover your enemies' approach. This is Lucario's best ability in the game!

  • GRAB

    This is the difference between a great and an excellent Lucario: whether the player can find many grab's opportunities or not. The Up throw is Lucario's main tool to start a combo that can quickly deal many damages !


    It's Lucario's most powerful tool ! It can quickly kill if it is well used, but you need to manage it carefully without overusing it or else it will be punishable ! It's the move you need to place as much as possible, because using a well-placed Forward smash to end every stock generally grants you a victory !

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Down Air

    Down B, Jab

    Up Tilt

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air

    Down Tilt

    Down Air

    Forward Air

    Up Air, Neutral Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Not only Aura makes Riolu happy

    We may think that Lucario can only start to play around 65% when his Aura mechanic begins to matter and buffs Lucario. However, Lucario has many combos without his aura and can as well take down a stock without it. So, you should more see the Aura more as a bonus than as the base of your gameplay, this is going to make you progress faster.

    Your Steadfast inner focus is justified

    Don't think that you are going to get results soon. Lucario is certainly one of the most difficult characters to master. Only 2 or 3 Lucario in the world get great results and technically, the best Lucario player in the world, Tsu, doesn't play him anymore, waiting buffs to use him again. You should know that Lucario will ask a massive amount of time, learning and game/match-up comprehension.

    Calm like a sphinx

    We talk often about the situation where Lucario at 150% can kill an opponent at 30%. However, the opposite is very dangerous too, if your Lucario is at 40-50% and your opponent is under the rage effect at 130% ! In a nutshell, a character that requires cold blood and concentration because every kill can be risky when one of the characters is at high %.

    In a nutshell

    Lucario is very pleasant to play thanks to his great mobility for example. The character also becomes very good if he is mastered and trained, explaining why the best Lucario players are the one who were playing him before. It also means that Lucario is a character that has the theoretical advantage of not losing against many popular and massively played characters like Pikachu, Joker, Snake, Peach... Finally, playing Lucario gives you an unique feeling because knowing how to use the aura mechanic and dodging deadly attacks can confer a big adrenaline boost when the game is about to end !

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