37 Lucas

First appearance :
Mother 3 (2006 - GBA)

Lucas is a powerful character who can eject his opponent very easily and who owns a lot of dangerous assets on the ground and in the air. Unlike some may think, he is not a Ness’ echo fighter. Lucas can count on the violence of his attacks and on the variety of his game to surprise his opponent with his varied gameplay.




  • Small size
  • Powerful attacks
  • Great offstage
  • Versatile
  • Excellent edgeguard


  • Struggles to force contact
  • No vertical pressure
  • Slow recovery



  • icône de felinferno
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Combo food


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Projectiles' zoner
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  • Use the platforms to get close


  • Combos bothered by the slopes
  • An Up B that doesn't catch the edge


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Lucas coup spécial de Lucas

Lucas is a character who has special attacks we have to talk about. His Neutral B, the PK Freeze, needs to be pressed to go further and to deal more damages and it can be guided to burst on an enemy, to freeze him and to eventually send him into the blastzone. It is an attacks which can be very violent especially in edgeguard. The other attack is the Down B, wich can absorb some projectiles to heal Lucas. Finaly, the Up B can be guided to attack the opponent at distance but can also be used to project Lucas if he hits himslef with it. Besides, it's his main way to come back on stage.

Best moves

  • SIDE B

    His Side B, the PK Fire, is almost unpunishable since the last update. The blow ejects well and is a good tool in neutral thanks to his zoning capacity. This attacks can even kill at specific %.


    His Down Tilt can lead to other attacks like a Forward Smash, a Forward Tilt or a Grab, and can simply lead to a kill after specific %.


    It is pretty safe considering that it can hit your opponent three times, which can allow you to repel him or to punish him if he drops his shield too early. In addition to that, it can also be a good option to punish an opponent who tries to hang on to the ledge because it lasts for a very long time.

  • ZAIR

    As well as improving Lucas' recovery because it allows him to vary his way to come back on stage. It has a good range, and the Zair is also a very good tool to approach and to combo because it comes out quickly and can usually suprise your opponent ! It also has a good priority on many attacks. Besides, there is an advanced technique with the Zair, named the double jump cancel Zair which allows Lucas to start a combo while keeping his distances.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Down Tilt

    Up Tilt

    Down B

    Forward Air, Zair

    Up Air

    Neutral Air, Up Air

    Forward Air, Zair

    Down Air, Jab


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    I have got a snake in my boots !

    Lucas' recovery, like Ness' one, is very particular, so you will need to learn how to master it to efficiently come back on stage. Also, don't forget that you can perform a second Up B right after touching a wall with it. This recovery being very punishable, be inventive and don't mind to use the air dodge.

    PK Love

    Lots of beginners have a tendency to spam the PK Fire and the PK Freeze on the ground. Wrongly performed, these are moves that can totally let you at the mercy of your opponent especially if you use them on the ground, where you will suffer from more lag. Don't overuse them and don't only use them as an option to fill your neutral game. It's sometimes better to do nothing.

    I should have gone with Claus

    Be careful not to be too greedy with Lucas. First, don't always jump with a Neutral Air because it can be very predictable. Pay also attention not to commit when you are in disadvantage by spamming the Down Air, it's the best way to let your opponent extend his advantage phase. In the other hand, don't try to extend a combo at all cost, because it won't be true at a time and your opponent will just have to hardly punish you.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Lucas, pleasure will from his unusual game with a bunch of attacks you can guide at distance. Moreover, the power of his attacks and their ejection power is always an intense pleasure for the one who plays him because every blow has a real impact in game and you can definitely feel it. Special mention to the PK Freeze which will let you see your opponent flying to new skies, or to the little spike with the Back Air and the Down Air which can kill an enemy at 0% ! A real delight. And don't forget that Lucas owns a combo game very pleasant and satisfying to place because it asks you to master some advanced techniques. All of this makes of Lucas a character very pleasant to play in addition to be a character with a true depth in his gameplay.

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