09 Luigi

First appearance :
Super Mario Bros (1985 - NES)

Luigi is a character that won’t let anyone insensitive, thanks to his surprising attacks that can reverse the course of a match, and also with his ability to initiate devastating combos. If Luigi grabs you, there is a high chance you are going to have a bad time.




  • One of the best combo game
  • Deals a lot of damages
  • Aerial moves
  • Great combo breaker


  • Slow in the air
  • Limited range
  • Slow and predictable recovery
  • Bad disadvantage



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  • Useful to juggle even if it is risky
  • Up B can kill from above


  • Allows your opponent to camp
  • Depends on the MU


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Luigi coup spécial de Luigi

Luigi’s up B can quickly kill an opponent if Luigi uses it close to his opponent’s hitbox. This move suddenly sends Luigi’s opponent flying, and kills around 50%. The side B can be charged in order to change its range and its power. However, there is one chance out of 10 that the move “misfires”, and deals way more damage and way more knockback without even charging it. It can reverse the course of a match. Also, if you use a side B next to a wall with some kind of speed, Luigi has 50% of chance to plant himself on the stage. It takes a second to get out from being stucked on the stage, in which you are vulnerable.

Best moves

  • GRAB

    This move has a good range since Ultimate, and is his main combo starter. It is the Luigi’s best option, because the risk reward ratio is really good, since the move is quite safe. Back Throw can kill, but the main interesting choice is obviously his down throw, which leads to a lot of possibilities, and to a kill at almost any percentages.

  • ZAIR

    It is Luigi’s best tool in neutral, because its suction cup has a disjoint hitbox. It stays active for a long time and falls, which makes it a good ledgetrap option and a great gimp tool. If you land with a Zair, it generally leads to a dash attack or to a grab, which is always dangerous with Luigi. If you use a Zair just before landing, the move comes out quicker, which makes the option even more threatening.

  • DOWN B

    It is also a very interesting move, because it allows Luigi to get out of a combo and to land thanks to its invincibility frame at the beginning of the move. This helps to compensate Luigi’s bad disadvantage since you are invulnerable from frame 1 to 7, which makes it a good combo breaker. But beware, the move has a lot of lag.


    It comes out frame 3, which makes it really fast. It is useful to escape from a combo, and to start combos as well when it is used while landing, which can lead to a kill confirm. A terrifying move, that can lead to many options.

  • UP B

    If this move is used close enough to the opponent, it can kill middle weights character around 50%. You must be really close, because its hitbox is really small, and this move has a lot of lag after it (100 frames).However, it is an excellent comeback mechanic, useful as an out of shield option, which forces the opponent to respect Luigi’s shield. Finally, if you use a Up B after your double jump, you’ll go even further, which can be useful to recover !

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Dash Attack

    Down Tilt


    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Up B, Up Air

    Up Smash, Back Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Egad ! Be careful !

    You will have to be careful not to be too aggressive, and not to look for the grab at any cost. In Smash 4, Luigi was a rushdown character, because he had an excellent dash grab. In Ultimate, it is better to wait for the opening and not to spam grab, because this will obviously make you predictable. Also, a lot of people don't know what to do after landing a grab, SO be careful not to fall on this path and to learn your combos.

    It is Gravely risky

    One of the main risks with Luigi consists in always performing a Neutral Air or a Down B to get out of a risky situation. Although they are very useful options, you will have to mix up and not always repond with while being comboed, the Tornado being pretty risky. Sometimes, it is better to resign, to get comboed and to takes some percentages, than taking even more damage. Speaking of disadvantage, be careful not to use your double jump too fast and to use it when you are about to land !

    Up B is real

    Luigi's Up B is an extremely powerful tool. So you need to master how to use it and not to spam it. The hitbox being really small, it is a move that requires a lot of training, knowing that it also depends on the opponent’s hurtbox. Be careful not to always use it as an out of shield option like a braindead, because this move is, once again, really punishable and cannot be used if your opponent spaces his attacks well.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Luigi, pleasure will come from his numerous tools at his disposal, especially for his combo game, once you manage to master them. This offers his user a great creativity which can be greatly rewarded by taking a fast stock. Furthemore, Luigi is a fun character to watch, and who will let no one insensitive. He can quite easily take a stock, or impressively come back , which is always thrilling to watch during a game ! Now, you must be aware of the work needed to master the combos and to the frustration of not being able to come close to a zoner.

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