21 Marth

First appearance :
FE : Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light (1990-NES)

Marth is way different than Lucina, his echo figther. Unlike her, he needs to keep the opponent at the right distance in order to touch him with the tip of his sword ! So he is a much more defensive and technical character than Lucina who permanently has to search for the optimal position.




  • His tipper
  • Can kill at low %
  • Zoning game
  • Great edgeguard


  • A restrictive tipper
  • Can struggle to kill
  • Not constant
  • Can be punished



  • icône de ridley
  • icône de ryu
  • icône de ike
Counters offstage
  • icône de mario
  • icône de dr-mario
  • icône de kirby
Better range


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de pichu
Too fast
  • icône de snake
Stays too far away  



  • Perfect platforms to juggle




Pro Tips


coup spécial de Marth coup spécial de Marth

Marth uses a sword with a tipper at the end of his blade. Hitting an opponent with the tipper strengthens the attack way more. In other word, Marth has some kind of circle around him, an area of " absolute defense ". His goal consists in keeping the opponent at the edge of this this area in order to hurt his enemy with the tipper of the sword. In fact, a Marth player will always have to be attentive to the distance between him and his opponent.

Best moves


    This attack allows Marth to zone and to progressively push back his opponent offstage, where he can edgeguards him with some good tools. The speed and the range of this attack make any enemy's approach difficult in the neutral or if he wants to come back on stage.

  • UP AIR

    Coupled to the Up Tilt, this attack can be threatening especially when you start juggling with the opponent. Even better, if you play on a stage like Battlefield, you will get a huge advantage on your enemy thanks to the range of this attack because you will practically decide when your opponent can come back or not on stage.


    This move is very useful to gradually deal some damages to the opponent's shield, or even to poke on his shield. Also, this attack pushes the opponent back and can even make him trip, giving you a great advantage. This move can also be useful to edgeguard, is pretty fast and safe on a shield at a good range !


    If you land this move on the tipper, it is your main kill move. After a pivot cancel, it is very interesting and can allow you to easily touch the opponent with the tipper. Overall, this move covers a large area in front of Marth and slightly over his head.


    As Out Of Shield options, these moves are great tools for Marth and that allow him to get stage control back, even if the Up B is a fast but risky option because of the move's ending lag.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Up B

    Up Air


    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Back Air, Forward Air

    Up B

    Up Air

    Neutral Air, Forward Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Generational differences

    Marth and Lucina do not play the same way. They have a really similar moveset, but the tipper mechanic changes everything. Contrary to Lucina, Marth does not allow any spacing error, and any misspaced or unsafe move can quickly be heavily punished, which asks you to have a very careful gameplay and a defensive play style.

    The hero-king's patience

    Never rush down with Marth. Playing him requires to calm your gameplay and not to always assault your opponent. With Marth, you have to keep your distances and to look out for the opponent to react and to space your attacks well. Once again, your spacing is the key.

    Put away Falchion

    Don't always use the landing Forward air to approach. The option is good and is a key tool on Marth's moveset, but overusing it will just expose you more and will make you loose the neutral. Mix your approaches, use some Tomahawk grabs by instance to take your opponent guard off or don't hesitate to back up if you don't find an opening.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Marth, pleasure will come from touching the opponent with the tip of the sword ! Even if it can be sometimes frustrating to play Marth (unlike Lucina who doesn't need to hit with the tip of the sword), it is also the reason why it is so satisfying to kill the opponent at 40% because you have managed to precisely spaced your attacks by hitting your opponent with the tipper ! To sum up, a character that needs to space his attacks well and who is going to reward your efforts by allowing you to take stocks at early percentages. If you have trouble spacing your attacks in general, train yourself with Marth, you will get better at it.

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