76 Min Min

First appearance :
Arms (2017 - Switch)

Min Min is a character that certainly has the greatest range in the game as well as a totally atypical gameplay. Her singularity makes her a refreshing character who proves to be extremely fearsome in the advantage phase. However, on the other hand, Min Min can also lose a stock very quickly as soon as she finds herself in a bad position and requires an all time increased vigilance.




  • Monstruous range
  • Very hard to camp
  • Excellent horizontal gameplay
  • Covers several options


  • Easily punishable
  • Bad disadvantage
  • Slow character
  • Usable recovery



  • icône de samus
  • icône de olimar
  • icône de snake
Zoner and camper
  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de king-k-rool
  • icône de roi-dadidou
Combo food


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de sheik
  • icône de amphinobi
Too fast
  • icône de rondoudou
  • icône de meta-knight
Great offstage  



  • Big stages to set her game


  • The slopes prevent to 2 frames


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Min Min coup spécial de Min Min

Each attack button is used to direct one of the character's two arms, A for the left arm, B for the right arm. Each arm can be directed in the desired direction at will, giving the character the unique opportunity to attack from both sides at the same time despite a rather disabling end lag. Min Min can also perform Smash attacks in the air and can change the right fist she uses to attack thanks to the Down B, each fist offering its advantages. The Ram Ram is faster and has a vertical trajectory. The Dragon offers more horizontal range and the MegaWatt is very useful for killing.

Best moves


    Min Min can perform Tilts and Smashes forward and backward, which can surprise an opponent, especially since she is the only one who can perform these attacks in the air. These attacks are therefore extremely useful and offer different advantages depending on the type of arm used. The Dragon is used to keep its distance, the Ram Ram is wonderful in edgeguard and the MegaWatt can terrorize in a ledgetrap situation or can quickly break an opponent's shield.


    Apart from her arms, she will also be able to count on her Up Smash which comes out very quickly, which naturally makes it a good out of shield option. The Up Smash also allows her to quickly steal a stock and can send back projectiles, explaining again why Min Min can be fearsome in front of different campers.


    Min Min does very well on horizontal approaches but may have difficulty when facing an opponent coming from the air, that's why you should not forget her Up Tilt which is a very good option to prevent any approach from the air. The move comes out quickly, which may surprise an enemy who would have forgotten this option.


    Her Neutral Air is very useful to repel an opponent a little too insistent in a safe way especially with the MegaWatt. With this particular fist, the Neutral Air can quickly kill because it is not that easy to DI when you don't know its launch trajectory. Concerning the Neutral Air with the Ram Ram, it comes out very fast, which can be useful to get out of a combo.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up Tilt

    Down Smash

    Neutral Air megawatt

    Up Air

    Neutral Air dragon

    Up Smash

    Up Air

    Neutral Air chakram


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Party crash smash

    Min Min is a character who can easily throw Forward Smashes, either on the ground or in the air, and it can be tempting to overuse them in Sakurai's way because these are attacks that cover a good part of the terrain and that can inflict a lot of damage. However, they should not be overused and should be primarily used for punishment. Against a good player, you simply risk being punished every time.

    Show me your noodles

    As we have seen previously, Min Min is a character who can suffer during disadvantage's phases. However, it will also be necessary to capitalize on opponents' mistakes in order to take advantage of the slightest phase of advantage and thus to quickly take a stock. Consequently, even if it can be quite frightening, considering its exploitable recovery, you should not hesitate to take advantage of a phase of advantage even if it means going offstage to edgeguard the opponent.

    Mintendair is closed

    Again, time can seem to drag on when we are at a disadvantage with Min Min, so it can be tempting to do everything possible to get out of it quickly, especially in a juggle situation. However, this is not a reason to overuse the Down Air attack to get back on field quickly. It's a way too punishable option that should be saved for the right time.

    In a nutshell

    Min Min is a character that rewards the player when he plays her in a calm and thoughtful manner, avoiding the slightest mistake of inattention as much as possible. With its punishment-based gameplay, she is a character who can truly capitalize on the slightest adverse error to inflict great damages or even to kill him quickly, but who cannot afford to be in disadvantage. It is therefore a character who needs to always be on the edge and to stay focused, which can help you how to be more vigilant in general. Finally, also notice that the character's particular gameplay also makes it very interesting.

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