10 Ness

First appearance :
Mother 2 ou Earthbound (1994 - SNES)

Ness is a pretty powerful character who’s relatively easy to play with while having a very unique gameplay. Adept of the zoning style and user of attacks that can easily eject an opponent, Ness can count on his special floaty physic and his small size that makes him hard to hit, to reverse the development of a match.




  • Edgeguard and ledgetrap
  • Good zoning kit
  • Hard to hit
  • Great kill power
  • Marvelous airdodge


  • Low mobility
  • Exploitable recovery
  • One of the worst disadvantages



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de king-k-rool
Combo food
  • icône de ryu
  • icône de ken
Prevents from focus


  • icône de lucina
  • icône de shulk
Range and Sword
  • icône de palutena
Air control
  • icône de mr-game-and-watch
Can't be hit  



  • Small size to put pressure and kill early
  • Useful platform for a diagonal PK Fire


  • Too big and useful to campers


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Ness coup spécial de Ness

Ness is a character who owns a special recovery compared to the other characters because he needs to hit himself with a PK Thunder to project himself towards the stage. Note that you can perform a second PK Thunder if you crash yourself against the stage, but only if you don't wait too long after. Furthermore, Ness Forward Smash can also send back projectiles.

Best moves


    The yoyo can completely reverse a situation, especially when an enemy is hit with while recovering. Besides, it's an excellent kill move even if the enemy manages to grab the ledge !


    The Forward Air is used for the neutral phases and stage control. The Up Air, as qualities, has a great kill power and puts pressure on opponent's shield. The Back Air, for its part, is an attack which owns two qualities: a long range and a great conditioning potential. Finally, among all the aerials, the Neutral Air is the character's best out of shield option.

  • UP B

    The PK Thunder deals a lot of damage to an out-of-stage opponent and allows to kill while staying far from any risk. It's an attack that can be used to juggle with the opponent or to execute an ultra-powerful strike.

  • SIDE B

    The famous PK Fire is an excellent zoning tool at his disposal, especially against projectiles characters! This move also allows to kill confirm or to punish a roll, while having the ability to cancel your jump, which makes the character a bit less floaty !

  • DOWN B

    This move is very useful to get closer to his enemy in purpose to start or continue a combo which can sometimes lead to a kill confirm! It can absorb non-physical projectiles and slightly push the opponent, allowing Ness to cancel some contact moves and then punish the opponent. It's a very good tool to mix up Ness movements and combos !

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Down Tilt


    Neutral Air, Up Tilt

    Down Tilt

    Neutral B

    Neutral Air

    Neutral Air, Up Air

    Up Smash, Down B dans les airs

    Forward Air, Up Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    A Giygas disadvantage !

    One of the most important points, when you're playing Ness, is to handle your disadvantage state and especially to avoid wasting your second jump like it was nothing, because it’s not. Without his second jump, Ness recovery is easily predictable and then easily punishable. And if you have kept your second jump, be careful: grab the ledge often and don’t fall on the stage with an air dodge, it's very punishable. Then, usually, avoid to use an airdodge to fall on the stage.

    PK ....... Fire

    PK Fire is a very good tool for Ness, which allows him to replicate against several matchups. However, a lot of beginners only perform it on the ground despite PK Fire’s ending lag when grounded. So, if you perform it on the ground, learn to hold your distances, or to use an aerial instead, which is way safer, covers the air and allows to move around at the same time.

    Stay in his mother's skirts

    Ness is a character who doesn't have a lot of air speed, but his aerial acceleration which allows him to move in another direction in the air is excellent. So, don't think twice about a retreat while attacking with a Neutral or Forward Air (these two are really safe and covers a lot of space) in order to keep yourself an exit. Thus, don't rush without thinking on the enemy because more than that, Ness struggles to approach in general, which requires to think twice about every interaction.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Ness, pleasure will come from placing hard movements that will make you feel like a true technician. He owns a lot of options that makes him a pretty powerful character : his aerial control, his edgeguard or his kill potential ! Thus, Ness is able to adapt himself against different game-styles and match-ups : besides, the Ness buffs are opening the doors for a lot of new mechanics to explore ! In a nutshell, a character who hasn't finished to deliver all his secrets.

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