54 Palutena

First appearance :
Kid Icarus (1986-NES)

Palutena is often considered as the best character in the game, thanks to her excellent aerial moves, and her numerous options that make her really dangerous in the neutral. Knowing that neutral is one or the most important part of a game in Ultimate, it is understandable why Palutena is so scared by many.




  • Great anti zoner
  • Aerial attacks
  • Good in advantage
  • Really good grab


  • Struggles to land
  • Slow grounded moves
  • Hard against small ones



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Grounded pressure  



  • Good juggle with the platforms
  • Good advantage on it


  • Hard to land safely
  • Worst disadvantage on it


Pro Tips

Best moves


    It is a multi-purpose move, and most certainly Palutena best move in order to start a combo since the move lasts for a long time. It is also a great option to edgeguard, and, due to its rapidity, it is also a great out of shield option, but only against big characters. However, Neutral Air isn’t as safe as other moves, which makes it easily punishable.


    It is a bit less safe than Neutral Air in terms of rapidity, but this move has priority against almost every move of the entire game, and has invincibility on its early frames. This allows Palutena to control the game in the air. Back air also kills at high % and can even be used to edgeguard, although the Neutral Air is better for this. At low %, it can combo into a dash attack.


    It is one of Palutena's best moves since, as Back Air, it has invincibility on its early frame. It is an excellent burst option for quickly approaching an opponent while having a lot of priorities on other moves. Furthemore, it has a strong kill power, and is useful to catch landings.


    Forward Air is quite safe on shield and, at low %, can be followed up by a grab or a dash attack or some attacks like Neutral Air, Back Air or another Forward Air. A great neutral tool to stay safe while putting pressure on your opponent, the Forward Air being the real best combo starter for Palutena.

  • UP AIR

    This move is very violent and useful to catch an opponent who is trying to land, or to totally cover a platform when your opponent is in a tech chase situation. It is a move that possesses great launch power and a big, disjointed hitbox, which has a lot of priorities over other moves. Besides, it is an attack that can combo into itself.

  • GRAB

    Her grab possesses a great range, and gives her access to a really high reward with the Down Throw to start devastating combos, and her Back Throw that can kill really early.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Neutral Air

    Side B

    Forward Air

    Back Air

    Neutral Air

    Back Air

    Forward Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Moonair's goddess

    The most common mistake when you start playing with Palutena is to spam Neutral Air, mostly on neutral. Yes, it can lead to violent phases, but it isn't a safe move, and the attack is easily punishable by shielding it and by grabbing, or by other moves. You must understand that this move lets you take high risks, which is why you must avoid spamming it.

    Palutena's guidance

    You will have to vary between the moves you use for killing. You can't only spam Back Air and hope it will work. Palutena’s strength relies on her many strong moves, and on her ability of not letting the opponent approach. So vary your gameplay, and try not to be predictable.

    Don't remain medused

    Once again, her aerial moves are the kind of moves that will want to stop playing when you are facing a Palutena. So overuse your Neutral Air and your Back Air when your opponent is in trouble, because these are options that are generally pretty safe. A good Palutena will know when to pursue her advantage phase.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Palutena, pleasure will come from the fact that she is very pleasant to control, since the character doesn't really have any big weaknesses. So as long as the player has the required level, it is possible to win. Her ability to pressure her opponent is also extremely pleasant, because it allows you to play with multiple playstyles. And even if she depends on limited or repetitive options, she is still a great character to learn how the game works.

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