19 Pichu

First appearance :
Pokemon Gold and Silver (1999 - GameBoy)

Pichu is a lively and nervous character who can take advantage of his small size to harass and to prevent his opponent to escape. He is no longer just a sub-version of Pikachu. What he loses in weight, he gains it in kill power which makes him a character who will ask you to take risks with the chance to get a huge reward.




  • Small size
  • Combo game
  • Huge kill power
  • Excellent in edgeguard


  • Worst range of the game
  • Very light weight
  • Hurts himself
  • Recovery without hitbox



  • icône de captain-falcon
  • icône de roy
  • icône de joker
Prevents from approaching
  • icône de sheik
  • icône de entraineuse-wii-fit
Too small


  • icône de samus
  • icône de snake
  • icône de inkling
Struggles to approach
  • icône de yoshi
  • icône de mr-game-and-watch
Better in close combat  



  • Flat stage for the Neutral B
  • Lives longer or kills faster


  • Neutral B bothered by the platforms
  • Hardly kills on PS2


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Pichu coup spécial de Pichu

Pichu has a particularity that is rather embarrassing since he was originally conceived voluntarily on Melee as a weak character. Indeed, as soon as Pichu performs an electric move he hurts himself at the same time which will gradually increase his percents during a match even if the opponent doesn’t touch you. Note that the damage are more important if you are covered with paint for example.

Best moves


    It's a fairly quick attack which is a very good option out of shield when we hit with Pichu’s back. The hitbox is also interesting and the move offers good combos when realized as a dragdown move, by pulling down the opponent, like the famous “lightning loop's combo”. It’s also a very good option to end a combo because the move hits hard. It is thus the best way for Pichu to get rid of an enemy especially in edgeguard.

  • DOWN B

    This move has a huge potential for high-percentage kills, especially if it is preceded by a grab followed by a upthrow. Depending on the weight, it works from 120 to 180%. If the opponent does not react or if you anticipate his movements, death is guaranteed beyond a certain percentage ! It's a very important kill confirm for Pichu that can also be used to intercept and to spike characters above him.


    It's the second main tool of Pichu's neutral because it's a combo starter at any percentage since it doesn't send very far, which makes it possible to follow it by a lot of things or to lead to a kill confirm at high percents on a back air or a down air. Beyond that it's a good tool to poke the opponent's shield even if the move suffers from the overall mediocre range of Pichu.


    It is certainly one of the least easy Pichu's moves to use because it has 3 different hitboxes but it can quickly become monstrous once mastered. The move can kill, is a good tool for neutral and the fact that it lasts a long time can also be used to cover airdodges. In a nutshell a very good tool.


    It is a very good tool in neutral to approach without taking too many risks. The move also prevents the opponent to approach and can send your enemy into a tech chase situation very quickly around 60% which can then lead to a kill with a Forward Smash at 60% at the ledge.

  • GRAB

    Pichu’s Grab is also a move that needs not to be neglected because it can be used any time you want, knowing that it is one of the fastest grabs in the game. It can be followed by a down throw to start a combo, an up throw followed by a down B to finish your opponent or even a Forward throw at very high % to kill. In short, a move to do anything you want.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Side B

    Down Tilt

    Neutral Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Back Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Don’t Nuzzle too much

    It will be necessary to be particularly vigilant not to mash buttons because once again, the slightest mistake can be fatal given Pichu's low weight. Don't overuse the grab for example because even if it's a good option, it can easily be countered. Nor, don’t approach by using the Forward air, it's an attack that is rather slow and not really safe on a shield. Unlike Pikachu, this move is very easily punishable so be careful again.

    Prefer a safer Snore

    A lot of Pichus will jump from the ledge with a Neutral B, but at a high %, the slightest attack, the slightest Back Air can be fatal for Pichu again ! So when you are offstage, watch out for the Side B which has a lot of lag and the Down B as well. Going offstage to use it is not necessarily a good idea because it can make you lose an advantage's situation. It's a move mainly to use on a combo after an Up Throw or on a big read.

    Open the lightning rod

    Even if the Neutral B is powerful and is a very good tool in neutral, it is also easily punishable because of its endlag. Pichu’s players often tend to throw a Neutral B to be able to grab, but if the opponent spotdodges, it will quickly go wrong. Also remember that this is a move that doesn't have a lot of priorities and can therefore also be easily beaten by another one. Don't forgat that it can expose yourself more especially when you are in a disadvantage state.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Pichu, pleasure will come from his combo potential and his ability to put pressure on the opponent. It allows you to be very creative and it generally rewards you quite well, because if you play him correctly, you are the one who will set the rhythm of the game and it is your opponent who will suffer ! The whole point of Pichu's game is to dissect and to understand your opponent's defensive play in order to break it down and to bring him into your devastating combos. An explosive character, therefore, as soon as he has the advantage but who needs you to be wiser in the neutral state because he can't afford you to simply rush to his opponent due to his extremely low weight.

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