70 Piranha Plant

First appearance :
Super Mario Bros (1985 - NES)

The Piranha Plant is undoubtedly a surprising character who left no one indifferent when it was announced. We find this element of surprise in its gameplay which is totally atypical and is based on an original game of projectiles in order to scratch percentages and to put the enemy in a difficult situation as soon as he is offstage.




  • One of the best ledgetrap game
  • Projectiles
  • Powerful attacks
  • Heavy weight
  • Good anti air game


  • Average mobility
  • None neutral
  • Bad frame data



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de bowser
  • icône de ganondorf
Combo food
  • icône de rondoudou
  • icône de bayonetta
Needs to come closer
  • icône de olimar
  • icône de kirby
Blocks the strengths


  • icône de link-enfant
  • icône de mega-man
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Projectiles' zoner
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  • icône de villageois
Returns all
  • icône de simon
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  • Safe Neutral B with the platforms
  • The slope helps the ledgetrap


  • Easily zoned on it


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Piranha Plant coup spécial de Piranha Plant

Beyond its special attacks, which are quite different from what we usually find, the Piranha Plant has a particularity on its own. In fact, you cannot jump on its head without being automatically attacked by the Plant, at least if the Plant is on the ground and if it is crouching. As a matter of fact, you should always beware of a sleeping pipe !

Best moves


    It is the most important tool of the plant since this attack sends a very powerful projectile that kills around 100%, making it a wonderful move to prevent the enemy from coming by the air, from coming back on stage, or even from attacking you. You must know that you can send the ball in several directions and more or less far if you throw it when it is close to the mouth of the plant.

  • DOWN B

    It can surprise the opponent because the plant will charge an attack and stretch more or less far depending on the charging time. You can orientate the neck besides, knowing that the attack has armor after a while, which can be useful to go through projectiles. And if the attack is fully charged, it can do a lot of damage to a shield, and even break it. Be careful because you can still get a head grab or be spiked if the pot is out of the field.

  • SIDE B

    It is also a very good tool that is often underestimated. The Side B can be more or less charged to create a cloud of poison that can inflict up to 54% damage. An enemy who gets caught in a cloud can thus take a lot of damage in a short period of time, so it's an attack that he will try to avoid, which can be useful to condition him to do what ever you want with him.


    It is its attack which has the best kill power while possessing a big hitbox and some super armor at the beginning of the move. Given that the move comes out quickly, it becomes naturally a very good out of shield option. An attack that the enemies will have to respect and which will incite them not to fearless jump above you.

  • JAB

    It is an attack you shouldn't take lightly because the first hit of the Jab comes out at frame 2 which is pretty fast, especially since it doesn't have a lot of end lag, so even when it's done on a shield, you still have time to grab. The rapid jab can do a lot of damage too and the three hits jab still causes between 10 and 20% and gives the opportunity to put your enemy in a tech chase situation.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up Tilt

    Dash Attack, Forward Air

    Neutral B

    Up Air

    Forward Air

    Up Air

    Forward Air

    Neutral Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Stay in the pipe

    Even if the Piranha Plant has some attacks which can seek an enemy very far, don't always use the Neutral B or the Down B. These are certainly two very strong moves but these are still easily punishable especially if the enemy is close to you on the ground because they have a lot of lag and a simple grab can still cancel them.

    Plant the seed

    The Plant is a character which, despite its appearance, must be played in a defensive way and whose gameplay will be focused on anticipations. Don't forget that the character doesn't have any good close combat options apart from the jab to throw safe moves, so it's better to keep your distance and to watch out for the slightest adverse error.

    Not a Muncher

    Because of its potted plant nature, the character can also have surprising hitboxes on some attacks. It is the case for example of the Up Air and the Forward Air. So be careful, because even if you think you hit your opponent, it is sometimes not the case, especially for the Forward Air where the hitbox is simply present on the pot and not on the rest of the attack.

    In a nutshell

    By playing the Piranha Plant, pleasure will come from being able to surprise your opponent. The presence of the plant in the game is already surprising in itself and it must be said that being able to dabble with a potted plant is already a real pleasure in itself. It is therefore a very fun character to play with who is however much more than a simple troll as his game can create terror especially against someone who likes to jump a little bit too much. A fighter to be reserved for those who also like to have fun while playing and who like to create some reactions in the audience.

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