28 Pit

First appearance :
Kid Icarus (1986-NES)

Pit is a character that is often considered as an honest fighter with nothing special. However, it is a character who has many interesting options to use and that can quickly become dreadful as soon as you find yourself offstage in front of him.




  • Good recovery
  • Is excellent offstage
  • Good combos
  • Good punish game


  • Struggles to kill
  • Medium grounded play
  • Predictable
  • Floaty



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de dr-mario
  • icône de ganondorf
Bad recovery
  • icône de kirby
  • icône de entraineuse-wii-fit
Lacks range


  • icône de palutena
Better in the air
  • icône de link
  • icône de samus-sans-armure
  • icône de amphinobi
Great mobility  



  • Needs space to whiff punish
  • Platforms for the Down Throw


  • Not enough space
  • Avoid FD against zoners


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Pit coup spécial de Pit

Pit is a character with 4 jumps, which allows him to cover a long distance and to return from everywhere. This particularity makes him being very good offstage. Please note that choosing Pit or Dark Pit is not hazardous, each one being different. Your choice will depend a lot on the fighter you are facing, explaining why you need to master both characters.

Best moves


    This is the best move of the character. Besides being an excellent out of shield option, it is also a multihit attack which allows you to drag down your enemy, to start combos with a grab or a jab. Finally it's also very useful in edgeguard since the move lasts for a long time, which can easily block your opponent’s possibilities.

  • DOWN B

    It is a useful move in order to get out of a disadvantage situation. Besides its ability to reflect the projectiles, the move also makes you invulnerable on the sides. A good tool to overcome Pit's weaknesses, knowing that it is possible to wavebounce with it to change your direction in the air, which can compensate the character's poor aerial acceleration.


    It is a very good tool to space because it can be safe if well spaced. It's a move you have to master in disadvantage phases because it allows you to mix your return on stage with the Forward Air, the airdodge or the multijumps while forcing your opponent to make mistakes. And then the attack also has a fairly good launch power and can even be used as a kill confirm with a Down Throw.


    This is also one of the best attacks in Pit's arsenal because the move has a huge hitbox and comes out quickly. Once again it's one of Pit's best ground options that can be dreadful for your opponent when you use it to cover his landing, knowing that the Dash Attack can kill at around 130% depending on your enemy’s weight.


    This is his second best option on the ground, in order to put the opponent in a juggling situation. The Down Tilt has a good range but has a bit of end lag, explaining why you need to space it really well to be safe. However, well performed, it can lead to quite a lot of nice things and especially to tech chase situations on a platform !


    The arrow differs for both characters. Pit’s arrow is twice weaker but is more orientable which is useful enough to gimp an opponent. It's also useful in neutral to cover enemy approaches or jumps.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Down Smash

    Back Air

    Down Air

    Forward Air

    Up Smash

    Neutral Air

    Down Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    You ... are finished

    Even if Pit has very fast Smash attacks, that's not a reason to overuse them because they have ending lag and the risk is too high to be punished. Therefore, you should not hurry to kill and rather use all the weapons at your disposal in addition to the Smash attacks. Do not forget to evaluate the risk you are taking using a Smash. If your percents are too high, that is too risky.

    Uprising recovery

    Generally, beginners, when playing Pit will essentially recover with an Up B, but remember that this move does not have a hitbox on it and that it is linear which can be very punishable. To be safer, try to use it by drifting from a wall if possible and do not use it always in the same way. And then, even if Pit has three more jumps, do not use them all at once before using the Up B because if you get hit during the Up B, you will find yourself far away without jumps.

    Not too close from the sun

    Even if it's a tip that applies to many characters, with Pit it's very important to be able to be elusive. If you perform a Neutral Air when landing by example, make sure to cross up and to find yourself behind the enemy so that they can't hit you. Mis-spaced Pit’s attacks are useless and will not serve you in attack or defense.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Pit, pleasure come from the fact that he is really easy to handle. The character is suitable for all beginners thanks to his excellent ground mobility, his excellent recovery and his fast Smash attacks. All of this makes the character very pleasant to play because it reliess on the fundamentals. With this character, you don't benefit from any cracked mechanics, but you earn each of your victory because you've managed to perform your combo game, your spacing, your whiff punishes and you've been able to purchase your opponent offstage. And even if Pit is an honest character according to many, with nothing special, he is still playable in competition thanks to the many tools he has. A character that deserves to be more discovered.

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