66E Richter

First appearance :
Castlevania : Rondo of Blood (1993 - PC Engine)

Richter is an echo fighter of Simon Belmont and we don’t notice any real difference between them, only some esthetics variations, mainly. Like Simon, Richter is a character who mostly uses his projectiles and the great range of his moves. Thus, he is a zoner like no one that will try to provoke reaction into his opponent in order to violently punish him thanks to his many tools.




  • Great range
  • Good projectile kit
  • Powerful attacks
  • Ledgetrap


  • Slow in general
  • The slowest in the air
  • Exploitable recovery



  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de roi-dadidou
Combo food


  • icône de fox
  • icône de wolf
  • icône de falco
Fast and reflector
  • icône de villageois
  • icône de marie
  • icône de joker
Great edgeguard and counter  



  • Great platforms
  • Easier to stop approaches


  • Leddgetrap bothered by the slopes
  • Hard to kill on Kalos


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Richter coup spécial de Richter

Richter owns the same whip attributes as Simon. The only Richter's particularity is his Down's B element: this move owns aura element, and not fire element, allowing Richter, for example, to kill red Pikmins, immune to fire. Except of that, all differences are purely aesthetic.

Best moves

  • SIDE B

    The cross is an excellent pressuring and stage control tool. This projectile will force the opponent to react and to make mistakes that you will be able to punish whether it is a jump, a shield or even an attack on the cross to make it back faster. Also, the cross's return can save a lot of risky situations like when the opponent grabs you or when he wants to pursue you.


    It's also a very great pressuring tool on the stage because of the great range of this move. Besides, the whip has a tipper at its end that will eject more violently the opponent and that can even block projectiles like Luigi's fireballs or Link's boomerang. Moreover, the Forward Tilt is a great kill move.

  • DOWN B

    The holy water's bottle is an excellent ledgetrap tool thanks to its ability to minimize opponent's options on the ledge. As well, if the opponent is hit, it's a guarantee Smash attack. But, be careful, the bottle can be caught, countered and can be thrown back at you, making this move a double-edged weapon.

  • UP B

    The Up B is Richter's best Out Of Shield option, starting at frame 6 and having a great range. You will also eject your opponent in the air, where you can easily kill him. It's an excellent kill move when used after a Down air. But take care, because the Up B has many landing lag.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up B

    Down Tilt

    Forward Air, Back Air, Up Air

    Neutral B

    Forward Tilt

    Up B

    Neutral Air



    Before leaving

    Last tips

    The symphony of the projectiles

    Every Belmont's projectiles are laggy, at their start or their end. The axe, for example, starts at frame 30 and lets you wait 36 frames, making the axe a terrible neutral move (except if you read a jump). Thus, don't just empty your pockets and don't forget that your projectiles are high risk - high reward moves.

    Dancing the rondo

    The character can be very frustrating to play sometimes: his bad mobility, his non-always-working hitboxes or his horrible disadvantage in general are part of that. Then, it can be very frustrating to lose with, followed by a strong envy to drop the character. Thus, he requires a lot of time before you can achieve exactly what you want and you need to accept to concede this time.

    Open, Hell's Gate !

    Richter Belmont is a really weak character offstage and sometimes, only one hit is enough to kill him. Of course, you can always use the whip in order to grab the ledge but learning how to recover very low thanks to the Up B can be useful too, for grabbing the ledge without being vulnerable. And, even when your whip is stuck, variate your ledge-grabbing timing in order to surprise your enemy.

    In a nutshell

    With Richter Belmont, the enjoyment will come from Belmont's ability to prevent the enemy from playing normally by blocking all of his options. Then, your goal will be to endlessly trap your opponent while reading him like an open book. Thus, Simon/Richter Belmont is a character made for the sadists among you that love breaking other people's mind while using all kind of projectiles and benefitting from more range than almost all of the casting. Despite all, the character is a very confusing one, due his singular controls and his lack of mobility, directly inherited from his original game.

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