65 Ridley

First appearance :
Metroid (1986 - NES)

Ridley is a character who occupies the whole stage by his many disjoint attacks and his physical presence. Ridley’s three jumps are allowing him to time his moves and thus to be very dangerous in ledgetrap and edgeguard situations. To sum up, a character as strong as his disjoints, really scary when pressuring his opponent.




  • Range of his moves
  • Many disjoint attacks
  • Great ledgetrap
  • Great edgeguard
  • Great killpower


  • Massive hurtbox
  • Light-weighted for a heavy
  • Not enough OOS options
  • Predictable Up B
  • No kill confirm



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  • icône de little-mac
  • icône de dr-mario
Steals stocks easily
  • icône de yoshi
  • icône de rondoudou
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Couple breaker


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Shield pressure
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  • Protective and violent platforms
  • Lylat allows fast kills


  • Complicated to ledgetrap in Kalos
  • No platform


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Ridley coup spécial de Ridley

Ridley is a character who can jump three times, which makes it interesting to recover more easily and to delay his landing. Besides, we should also note that his Neutral B (when Ridley spits fireballs) can explode on him if the opponent hits Ridley when he is charging. Finally, his Down B can deal up to 60% damage if Ridley hits with the tip of his tail, his sweetspot.

Best moves


    Certainly his best move, because it's his fastest Out Of Shield option. The massive disjoint makes it kind of safe and makes it excellent against aerial approaches. The Neutral air is also a great option to start, continue or finish combos. Be careful though, if missed, it is punishable because it has a big ending lag.


    The Forward tilt has a great range as well as a big disjoint, making this attack also kind of safe. This attack can easily takes a stock especially if you hit with the sweetspot. It is also a really polyvalent move due to its ability to be angled in three different directions. However, take care because this move is risky when used in disadvantage.


    The most disjoint move of Ridley while being pretty fast. It can be safe, but only if you hit with the tipper, spacing is thus required. The Down tilt is great to juggle or starting combos thanks to the ejection angle, perfect for both. In stages like BF, it's ideal to lead the opponent in techchase situation on a platform.

  • SIDE B

    The Side B is a command grab, so it ignores shields. It is a very useful tool in advantage phases to kill at high % but also to quickly steal stocks. However, don't overuse it because this move is very punishable if predicted. Besides, if the opponent is not as high %, a better option would be to simply use the grab. Therefore, don't forget that correctly used, the Side B is a great move to induce panic to opponents in critic situations !


    The Back air has a great killpower and is surely the most used kill move by Ridley players. The move owns a large hitbox and many active frames, allowing to 2-frame vertical recoveries! However, be aware that the Back air has a pretty slow startup and doesn't have any disjoint, making it less safe than other disjoint moves.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up Tilt, Neutral Air

    Down Tilt

    Neutral B (dernier)

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Smash

    Forward Air, Back Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    In the Nair, nobody hears you screaming

    You need to avoid to overuse some moves, especially the Neutral air. It can put you into bad situations because of Ridley's low aerial mobility and you can easily get punished by an Out Of Shield option, so don't use it that much. You should better time, variate your aggressions, in purpose to surprise and punish more brutally your enemy.

    Too big for a hug

    The side B may be a great move, but it presents many flaws you need to be aware of. It's a very laggy move when missed, so you can't just throw it randomly and a grab is better at low %. Besides, don't use it too much to recover on the stage because you run the risk to get punished by a smash, and it goes the same when you use it to land on the stage.

    Use his Mother Brain

    Ridley can be a tricky character to play with because every interaction can lead to a disadvantage phase, where you can lose a stock. So, even if it's tempting, don't rush! It's better to condition the opponent to burn his options and to punish him when he doesn't have much options left. Once again, being patient is very important when you play Ridley. So stay calm, even when you are getting comboed, even when your opponent is camping, because your turn will come, and here, it has to be destructive !

    In a nutshell

    Ridley is a character that gives you a feeling of power and agility, allowing you to steal situations and stocks way too fast like a vicious space crook. Above that, Ridley's playstyle consists in spacing and conditioning his opponent to brutally punish him at the first impatience leading to an error. While playing Ridley, you are going to appreciate the feeling of reading enemies like an open book in purpose to burst them with a satisfying spike or a big smash right in their face ! A very cool character to play with, while learning to space, conditioning and not being too greedy in neutral phase.

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