56 Robin

First appearance :
Fire Emblem : Awakening (2012 - 3DS)

Robin is a Zoner/Trapper type character. At first glance, Robin may seem to be a complicated fighter, but when you look a little more closely, you will discover that Robin is a fairly simple character overall. His attacks were actually mainly designed to force some interactions and situations and to punish the opponent if he falls into his traps.




  • Fearsome ledgetrap
  • Many options
  • Hits hard
  • Versatile
  • Good projectiles


  • No foog OOS options
  • Exploitable recovery
  • Bad grounded attacks
  • Not always at 100%



  • icône de ridley
  • icône de felinferno
  • icône de king-k-rool
Combo food
  • icône de ness
  • icône de rondoudou
  • icône de ice-climbers
Better range
  • icône de luigi
  • icône de dr-mario
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Easy to camp


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Better projectiles
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  • icône de palutena
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Priority on their attacks
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  • icône de carapuce
Rushdown and small  



  • Platforms can help to Down B
  • Everything is covered by the 1st Neutral B


  • Prevents from Side B in ledgetrap
  • Too high platform on the top


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Robin coup spécial de Robin

Robin is a character with two swords, the bronze sword and the levin sword, as well as 4 volumes ArcFire, Thunder, ElWind and Nosferatu. Each piece of equipment (except the bronze sword) has a limit of use which is represented by a bar under the name of the character which decreases after each use. Once emptied, Robin throws away the equipment and it is then considered as an item and can be launched at his opponent.

Best moves

  • SIDE B

    Robin will send a fireball that creates a multi hit fire column on contact with any element, be it an object, the ground or an enemy. If the opponent is caught in it, Robin can do whatever he wants in the meantime. It's a move that will force the opponent to react, otherwise he will be violently punished. This is particularly dangerous as a ledgetrap option since the attack covers almost everything.


    It is certainly the character's most important tool to master as it is his best option in neutral. This tome has 4 variants, which Robin can reach by charging the attack for a more or less long time. It is useful respectively for shield poking, attacking from a far distance, surprising your opponent and killing him.

  • DOWN B

    It is indeed a command grab with an excellent range, which therefore passes over the opponent's shield and is also used to reduce Robin's %. By the way, if Robin performs it behind his opponent's back, he will recover more life as well as when there is a big % difference between Robin and his opponent.


    He thus has a ridiculous range when holding the levin sword, since it is even higher horizontally speaking than Ike's, allowing him to occupy the whole space in the air and to cover platforms. The attack deals quite a lot of damage with 2 hits, which is therefore useful in edgeguard, while sending your enemy in a rather interesting angle.

  • UP AIR

    It is a good combo starter with the levin sword in your hand at low% that can cause between 35 and 55% to the enemy. A very good combo tool therefore which has a very large range, making juggle's phases rather simple and with a good launch power.


    It is also very interesting with the levin Sword again especially thanks to its good range and its correct damage output but especially because it is fast and therefore a good combo tool, that helps to prevent the enemy from approaching and keeping him in disadvantage. Moreover, the hitbox of the attack starting from the bottom, it is also possible to use it to pick up characters that are still on the ground.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up Tilt

    Down Tilt

    Side B


    Levin Sword Back Air, Forward Air, Neutral Air, Up Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Back Air, Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Head in the books

    Don't overuse levin sword without thinking about its use, because you could miss it at an inconvenient moment. Moreover, don't forget to pick up the character's items or used weapons. The books deals 12% damage alone and can start a combo on a Thoron around 60% while the sword can initiate combos earlier, inflicts 14% and can even kill around 110%. A projectile that can save you at time and that can cover your retreat while you wait for your options to reload.

    The travels strategist

    Be careful not to jump too much with Robin. For sure, the character has very good tools in the air but he remains very predictable because his attacks generally take time to come out while suffering from some ending lag. Against a faster character or one who can easily punish a missed attack, it can hurt you a lot. So remember to use his ground options too, even if they are less interesting, it will make you harder to catch.

    Mark of the dragon

    Do not use Side B at the wrong time, like in neutral or at a disadvantage. Don't forget that the attack has a whole second of lag and takes a long time to come out which makes it very punishable. Moreover, the initial projectile can be destroyed by any hitbox, which can empty the tome for nothing. Therefore, rather use the Side B mainly as an advantage and especially in the ledgetrap phase to avoid exposing yourself too much because even if the reward can be very big, the risk taken is just as big.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Robin, pleasure will come from the fact that he is a character who stands out from the others in Fire Emblem because he uses magic and is good at everything and excels at nothing. This does not make him a specialist but rather a character who has a wide range of options at his disposal to control the fight. With Robin, your main goal will be to create traps and setups to ensure damage and to find a kill, making of him a character that requires a constant analysis of the game and a constant reflection on the situation to get the best out of it. In short, a character who will ask you to see your games as a chess game while relying on his gameplay's variations that combines sword and projectiles as well as his quick and pleasant handling.

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