78 Sephiroth

First appearance :
Final Fantasy VII (1997 - PS1)

Sephiroth is a mobile swordsman that possesses enormous range coupled to a great launch power in most of his moves. This makes him even scarier to fight against. In return, his moves are very slow, and most of all he is quite light. That’s why, with Sephiroth, a perfect spacing is required because any mistake can be deadly.




  • Enormous range
  • Great kill power
  • Great mobility
  • The winged mechanic
  • Ledgetrap


  • Slow moves
  • Not good OOS options
  • Very light weight



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  • icône de felinferno
Slow and no range


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de joker
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Great mobility
  • icône de wolf
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Reflectors and projectiles  



  • Needs enough space
  • Goes through the ground or the platforms


  • Hard to survive on a small stage
  • Lacks platforms


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Sephiroth coup spécial de Sephiroth

The slash attacks have their sweet spot around the middle of the blade, while stab moves will hit harder at the tip. Furthemore, Sephiroth can stick himself on a wall if he uses a Forward Air against it. Finally, his most particular mechanism is his wing, that deploys itself when Sephiroth takes too much damage, or faster if he is behind his opponent during a match. It boosts all Sephiroth‘s attributes: his speed, he has an extra jump and some super armor on his smash attacks. A true comeback mechanic, although the wing disappears when you take a stock or when you lose one.

Best moves

  • SIDE B

    Sephiroth can load this move and place up to 5 orbs around his opponent that will hit him after few seconds. A very great tool for pressuring a shield and to conditionate your opponent to react since the move deals massive damage to a shield and around 30%. A great way to easily dominate neutral while creating setup opportunities for combos or kill confirms.


    Although they are quite slow, those are great neutral tools for Sephiroth. Forward Air comes out the fastest and is useful for hurting the opponent from far away, explaining why is is useful on an edgeguard situation. It also is a combo starter that can create a tech chase situation. Back Air is slower, but has a bigger hitbox and usually is a combo finisher, according to its great killpower. Those moves are also interesting for ledgetrapping.


    It can be hard to use it, but it offers a lot of advantages. It is a fast move, that doesn’t have a lot of endlag while having a correct hitbox. Most of all, Neutral Air can lead into lots of combos, dealing around 30% or leading to a kill near the ledge. It is also his best out of shield option, although it remains quite slow. Then, when you get pressured on your shield, you should better run instead of attacking back.


    This move can be loade, increasing or decreasing its damages and range. The first charge is obviously the fastest, and can be used in neutral in order to bother your opponent. Meanwhile, the two other charges will mostly be used to ledge trap, since it covers almost all of the opponent’s options. You simply have to use an Up Smash or a Forward Tilt with it to prevent the opponent from getting back up.


    These are two pretty slow moves that cover a large area around Sephiroth. The Up Air is less slower, which makes it threatening in a juggle or a ledgetrap situation. However, these are still two risky options that need to be used only when you are pretty sure it will hit your opponent.


    Forward Tilt can also be named since it possesses a great range and applies great pressure on the opponent’s shield. It is an excellent way to push back grounded approaches, knowing that it can be combined with a pivot cancel in order to have an even greater range. A very useful move for starting a tech chase into a grab, or for punishing a roll out.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Down Tilt

    Neutral Air

    Neutral Air

    Forward Tilt

    Forward Air

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air

    Shield Drop Jab


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    A first class accurracy

    First of all, given the important endlag of the character, you will have to be extremely vigilant about the spacing of each of your moves. Beyond the harsh punishment you can get, it can prevent you from performing some combos that need a perfect spacing. Train on your timing and be careful to use his aerial moves when you get close to the ground as much as you can, in order to have the less landing lag possible.

    Do not gast your Mako

    It is useless to perform Smashes, Up B or Dash Attack everytime, it is way too dangerous considering the character’s frame data. The same goes for when your One Winged Angel mode. Do not think you are invincible during this phase and that you can mash Smashes because you have super armor on them. Don’t forget that those smashes have a lot of ending lag, during which you are totally vulnerable.


    Vary your game plan and don’t always use the same attacks on the same situations over and over. For example, don’t forget that you can cancel the loading of the neutral B with a shield or a jump in order to surprise your opponent with Masamune’s range. Don’t simply always throw everything you have in your pockets. The same goes for your Up Air’s timing which can be delayed to efficiently juggle with your opponent. Finally, last but not least, don’t forget your grab or you will miss interesting advantage phases.

    In a nutshell

    By playing with Sephiroth, pleasure will come from his incredible range and his excellent killpower. Being able to keep your opponent away is still quite pleasant. Besides he is very versatile between his great projectiles, his great mobility and his correct recovery. It is a quite balanced character that requires to have solid bases, making him once again a pleasant character to play as. Finally, the character is ultra-stylish in his design, his animations and his victory screens.

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