31 Snake

First appearance :
Metal Gear (1987 - MSX2)

Snake is an atypical character who will ask you to be patient, in order to trap your opponents thanks to his numerous projectiles and explosions. Those options allow him to build a wall of attacks, and to not let anyone coming close to him. With all of his options, Snake is a fighter who can easily control the whole stage.




  • Great striking force
  • Many projectiles
  • Combo breaker
  • Heavy weight
  • Ledgetrap


  • Huge hurtbox
  • Slow
  • Struggles to land
  • Readable recovery



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  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de mewtwo
Easy to hit
  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de pichu
Broken combos


  • icône de lucina
Great edgeguard
  • icône de ness
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  • icône de mega-man



  • Can set traps everywhere
  • Needs to hide


  • Not enough place to hide
  • Against those with a better range


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Snake coup spécial de Snake

Snake possesses numerous projectiles that all have their own utility. The Neutral B, the grenade, is useful to aggress Snake’s opponents and to protect himself from being attacked. The Down B allows Snake to plant C4 on the stage or directly on the opponent. The Side B, the Nikita, is a remote controlled missile, extremely threatening on edgeguard, because Snake totally controls the missile. However, while Nikita is active, Snake is wide open, since he can’t move. But don’t worry, you can start to move again by pressing the shield button. This will cause the Nikita to fall.

Best moves


    Snake can have two grenades on stage at the same time, and these can stay without blowing for 2.5 seconds. After an explosion, and depending of the opponent’s percentages, you can follow it with another move. It explains why beyond the grenade’s damages, you will have to know its duration too. It is a very useful tool on neutral, on a ledgetrap situation, and mostly as an out of shield option, for juggling or for breaking a combo. Beware however, it can be punished by a grab.

  • GRAB

    Snake is a character that has a really great grab, which can be useful in many situations. More of that, if you have a grenade on one hand when you grab, it can lead to a combo that deals around 50% when the game begins without taking any damage. Snake’s grab also allows him to kill at high %, or to follow it with a bigger move to deal massive damage or even to kill.


    It is a very strong move, which is very useful for killing, since it comes out quite fast. Beyond that, it can also be really useful to approach the opponent thanks to its good range. An attack that will be used in his combo game with a Neutral Air, which can be devastating.

  • DOWN B

    This move deals 20% damages and has a good range. It is also a great tool to scare Snake’s opponent if you place it in a seeable way, in order to stop him or to anticipate his next mouvements. You can by instance wait for the opponent to protect himself on a platform, when he is scared of being hit, before jumping and placing it on him (the C4 outpasses shields). You will be able to detonate it later, whenever you want, mostly after a Down throw or an opponent’s airdodge.


    It allows Snake to cover most of Snake’s aerial space for a brief instant. Coupled to Snake’s grenade and C4, it can create an unbreakable wall. It is also very strong on legetrap situations.


    It is a very interesting move for Snake. This move is the one with the more range, and is the one that goes out the quickest. Besides, while performing a Down tilt, Snake sneaks on the ground, which allows him to dodge enemy's hits. To sum up, an excellent move on neutral, which helps temporizing, but also to launch away an opponent who were too close.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Neutral B

    Jab, Down Air

    Forward Tilt

    Down B

    Up Smash


    Down Air

    Back Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    You know how to shoot ?

    Snake has plenty projectiles, sure, but it is important to know how to use them. Be careful not to throw random grenades, and learn quickly how to grab one back after throwing it, in order to throw it again. Then again, always remember where your C4 is. This will have for consequence to prevent yourself from blowing you up indirectly, and putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Finally, be careful to correctly move Nikita. Badly used, it is simply unusable.


    Chose perfectly your moves on neutral. Even if it is a great option, do not spam a dash attack to approach, but rather choose the tilts. These are options that give you the same reward as a dash attack, for a way lower risk. Likewise, be careful not to always act the same, like using an Up Smash when the opponent is above you. Remember that he simply has to use a Neutral air to destroy the explosive shell. Mashing it could only create a breach into your defenses !

    Snake, Snake, Snaaaake !

    Be careful not to recover from below the stage. Even if the Up B has a vertical range, it exposes you to an easy spike. Do not forget that your opponent can destroy your SIpher, leaving you helpless. In short, prefer to recover high, because you can always act after getting out from your Up B.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Snake, pleasure will come from setting up traps everywhere, C4 here, grenade there, another in your hand, a missile up in the air, which is already falling… Setting up all those traps requires a lot of anticipation and reflexion about where you are going to put your traps, and where your opponent is and will be. It is a real pleasure to see an opponent falling on a trap you have settled and planified. A character that requires a lot of practice, for forecasting the launch angles, but Snake brings great satisfaction, since you have the feeling of controlling the whole stage.

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