82 Sora

First appearance :
Kingdom Hearts (2002 - PS2)

Sora is a character that is especially dangerous when he is in the air thanks to his floatiness and thanks to his numerous options to stay upthere for a really long time. Besides, his aerials are particularly interesting and can even let him start many different combos or can let him prevent an enemy to come back on stage.




  • Excellent in edgeguard
  • Excellent combo game
  • Very good recovery
  • Really good aerials


  • Small disjointed range
  • Bad disadvantage
  • Floatiness
  • Hard to get close
  • Inconstant Side B near the ledge



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Combo food
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Lacks range


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Zoner with projectiles  



  • Platforms to juggle
  • Flat ground to combo


  • Getting closer is harder
  • Side B bothered with the slopes


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Sora coup spécial de Sora

As Mewtwo, Ness or Kazuya, Sora has a double jump that launches him further in a curved angle. It lets him stay way longer in the air, just like his Side B that can be used after his Up B in order to come back to the ground. This Side B can also target Sora’s opponent if you quickly press B when you launch it. On another hand, his Neutral B has three different attacks that can be performed in a specific order. A little indication can be seen on the screen to know which move is selected. Finally, Sora can start pretty long combos beacause it is possible to cancel or to continue some of his moves (as the Nair or the Fair).

Best moves


    With his aerials, Sora can setup a wall of hitbox in order to counter any approach. For his Neutral Air, it can be followed by two more hits by repeatedly pressing or holding A. It is a quick option that can lead to many combos and kill confirms when done by landing. A useful move in edgeguard when you only hit twice in order to harass and to use your enemy's options.


    This attack can also be held or repeatedly pressed in order to 3 hits combo, although is is slower than the Nair. It can also start many combos or lead to kill confirms when done by landing, as an F Smash around 100%, while creating a wall of hitbox to prevent any enemy's approach. Besides, the three hits can be used to drag down an enmy further and further from the stage. Finally, the third hit launches pretty far, explaining why it is a good combo finisher.


    As usual with Back Air, this powerful attack can project an enemy far enough to kill him around 100%. Besides, this move has few landing lag, explaining why it is an option you can easily spam in order to create a wall of scary attacks for your opponent.

  • UP AIR

    With this attack, Sora covers anything above him, making of it a good tool to prevent any approach. Besides, this move has a great kill power, which can be pretty dangerous if you consider Sora’s great aerial mobility. Besides, it is easy to get a kill confirm with this attack after a Down Tilt or a Down Throw and the Up Air itself can also lead to a combo or to a kill confirm such as a F Smash that can kill around 100%.


    With the Down Throw, it is probably one of Sora’s best combo starters, because it can lead to many combos at any percents, including kill confirms. It is also particularly dangerous when it is followed by an Up Smash. Besides, Sora crouches when he performs this attack, significantly reducing his own hurtbox.


    Neutral B gives access to three different moves in a specific order, granting many different possibilities in their use. Besides, using a Neutral B in the air can stop your movement momentum which can be helpful to change your aerial direction in order to quietly land. Firaga can jab lock or can lead to a Dash Attack, Thunder is great against jumps, in edgeguard and can kill. Blizzaga freezes the enemy and combo into an Up B at high %.

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    Last tips

    COMBO 1.5 +2.5 REMIX HD

    Sora is a character that gives many possibilities to his player, thanks to complex technics you have got to master. Between the Instant Double Jump, the B Reverse, the Fair Drag Down and the infinite combos, the loops you can perform with the Nair or the Fair, it is quite easy to push him far to his limits. And to progress, you must be aware of this knowledge. However, it must not be the case to the detriment of the game and the basics. Before running, you must learn how to walk and it is the case with Sora like for many others such as Link and the Bomb Loops by instance.


    Sora is a character that excels in the air. However, his double jump and his floatiness require to stay cautious in neutral and when you have to come back on stage. In fact, without his double jump, Sora is pretty weak in neutral and you will have to take care of this second jump. Besides, be careful with his recovery and with the Side B that can be tricky at times and that can put you in disadvantage, especially when Sora has some trouble to catch the ledge.


    Finally, there are some moves that can be useful but that you will have to use wisely. Down Air in a first place, remains pretty risky, especially in disadvantage, because even if it makes you quickly falling to the ground, it remains pretty predictable and especially punishable because it has few priority on other attacks. Finally, don’t stupidly spam Neutral B because you may lack the access to the right spell at the right time and because it remains a laggy option that can be hardly punished.

    In a nutshell

    For Sora, pleasure will come from his unexpected arrival that was requested for a long time. Beyond that, his floatiness makes him pleasant to play and really singular in his handling, forcing you to adopt an other approach in your Smash Bros games. Finally, between all the different technics you have got to master and the almost infinite combo possibilities, he naturally is a easy to handle - hard to master character. He requires a lot of investment, making of him a really interesting character because you always feel like you can do better and that you can learn more about him.

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