77 Steve

First appearance :
Minecraft (2009 - PC)

Steve’s gameplay heavily relies on mining resource in order to improve his defensive and offensive options. Then, playing Steve implies keeping your adversary at bay, giving you time to quietly mine what you need to play before setting up traps, preventing your opponent’s to approach.




  • Excellent advantage
  • Combos that hurt a lot
  • Rather good disadvantage
  • Great frame data
  • Forces to get close


  • Gets easily camped out
  • Slow character
  • Lacks range
  • Depends on resources
  • Bad neutral



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de felinferno
  • icône de ganondorf
Combo food
  • icône de dr-mario
  • icône de ice-climbers
Easy to camp
  • icône de rondoudou
  • icône de little-mac
Punishes any approach


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  • icône de richter
  • icône de snake
Hard to approach
  • icône de samus-sans-armure
  • icône de pikachu
No disadvantage  



  • All resources available on FD
  • Help to camp


  • Bad resources on it
  • Too small


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Steve coup spécial de Steve

Steve from Minecraft, like every new DLC character has his share of special features. Thus, all his gameplay revolves around crafting and harvesting resources with the Neutral B when Steve is on the ground. These materials then allow him to create better weapons if he is in front of a crafting table, or to use some attacks such as the Down Air, or to create a block if you are in the air. Note that it is possible to display the crafting table by simultaneously pressing the shield and the B button.

Best moves

  • SIDE B

    The minecart is a great tool for quick approaches and can be a command grab to initiate big punishes. A good tool in the neutral for Steve which also allows him to come back to the stage. Note that if you use some gold to improve your rail, it will improve the speed and the power of the Minecart which will then be able to kill your opponent.


    In the air, the Neutral B will make you create blocks, which will firstly use Steve's worst resourcesl. This is an excellent move in disadvantage since blocks come out quickly and allows you to vary or to slow down your return on stage. It is therefore a tool that creates a lot of doubt in your opponent’s mind, about Steve’s movements which makes this move fearsome in the neutral, but also in edgeguard, ledgetrap or when you want to extend a combo. A wall of block can also help you to be safe.


    These are two very fast attacks that are extremely safe on shield (-1 with good weapons), You can then start high damaging combos, if you reset an Up Smash with a block that disintegrates under your feet. These are also excellent attacks to juggle and to cover any aerial approach.


    It is an excellent kill move because it’s an attack with a good range as well as a good kill power. If you have your weapon made of diamond, It can kill around 80%. Note that it can be done more or less quickly by using a short hop Back Air, in order to make a quick forward or backward sword attack, which can be very useful as an out of shield option.

  • DOWN B

    Down B is very strong in neutral and especially in ledgetrap situations to prevent the opponent from quietly coming back. Down B completely stops any opponent’s options with its large hitbox. In addition, the TNT block can be hit with a Down Tilt or a Down Smash in order to launch it and to hit your enemy from very far away. However, it is an expensive option.


    It is a fast move, which is safe while being a useful projectile in advantage, to chase an opponent offstage and which can be useful at a disadvantage to interrupt an enemy. A very good move that can kill very early. Be careful however not to overuse it too much because it is an attack that consumes iron which is an important resource.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Jab, Forward Tilt, Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Up Tilt

    Down Tilt

    Up Tilt

    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Forward Air, Back Air in Short Hop


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Shine bright like a diamond

    When you play with Steve, you have to be patient, because Steve is a character who will mainly force his opponent to approach. Indeed, letting a Steve’s player live his life is very dangerous, since it gives him time to harvest the resources he needs. However, some characters will also want to stay at distance, so patience will be required in all circumstances in order to maximize your resources and to gain an advantage for the rest of the game.

    Java edition

    Steve is a character with many options at his disposal, this is why it will be necessary to be creative. Between his Blocks, his TNT, his Minecart, don't hesitate to try things, It can always be useful and it can still surprise your opponent ! So be inventive and let your instincts guide yourself.

    Respawn and practice

    In order to make good results with the character, you'll have to work on his combos from his Down Throw and all the ladders combos from an Up Tilt which can kill your opponent upwards. This learning will then allow you to capitalize on the slightest opening that you will find in order to hurt your opponent as much as you can.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Steve, pleasure will mainly come from his original look and gameplay that forces him to min resources in order to efficiently attack his enemy. Mining the resource we need at the right time in order to set up traps for your enemy to jump in, will grant you a great satisfactory. Nesides, his atypical bloc’s mechanic offers many possibilities to the character and a lot of creativity in his game and in his combos. To sum up, a character that needs to be played by the most patient and creative ones.

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