43 Toon Link

First appearance :
The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker (2002 - GC)

Even if he’s often considered as the worst of the three Link, Toon Link is a characters who allows you to be very creative and to mix-up his playstyle thanks to his projectiles and his ground speed. Thereby, it’s possible to play distant and to profit from his good knockback. So, it’s a character you mustn’t underestimate.




  • Great mobility
  • Very good projectiles
  • Great killpoer
  • All rounder


  • Lacks range
  • Struggles to approach
  • Bad disadvantage
  • Predictable killmoves



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Combo food
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Struggles to approach


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Easily approaches
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Better range
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Cancels projectiles  



  • Big enough to act like a zoner


  • Too small to get time


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Toon Link coup spécial de Toon Link

Unlike the two other Link, Toon Link is a way floatier character, seeing as he is the Hero of Winds after all, which can also be found in his projectiles, which can be a bit slower but cover a larger distance. It’s also a character who is more aggressive than the base version, who can permit himself to go into attack.

Best moves

  • DOWN B

    The bomb is without a doubt Toon Link’s most efficient projectile and best move. All of the character’s neutral resolves around this move, which can be used as a combo starter or kill confirm, but mostly in order to keep your distance and to be used as a trap. Defensively it’s also very useful, may it be to break your opponent’s combo, to protect yourself against certain projectiles or to get back to the stage. Overall a very good tool which can also be used to 2 frame.

  • SIDE B

    The boomerang, similarly to the bomb, can start a combo, but can also be used to keep your distance and camp. So, it’s a great zoning tool and a great way to maintain pressure at a distance. Moreover, compared to the bomb, the boomerang covers a large zone and different options of your opponent, since it can be angled and also flies through the stage quite quickly, which can greatly surprise someone who’s not used to it.


    Toon Link’s Forward Air is a very powerful move, generally being the most used move to kill an opponent when linked into by a bomb or boomerang. A violent but also quick move which possesses a s well a more than decent range.


    The Up Tilt comes out pretty quickly. It’s also a great move to start a combo, like for example into itself, a great juggling tool but also a great way of countering aerial approaches, which can lead into taking a stock. Overall a very good move which can hit behind Toon Link as well.


    It can put the opponent in a tech-chase situation and also hits behind Toon Link. Moreover, this move is active quite a few frames, allowing it to 2 frame quite easily or to semi-spike your opponent depending on which part you hit your opponent with.

  • ZAIR

    A lot of people underestimate this move, which is far from being useless thanks to his big range in hand to hand fights, which can even in certain cases lead into a tech chase situation or a jab lock, which can guarantee a kill. Also, let’s not forget that it’s a great way to get back to the stage while avoiding getting two framed.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Back Air, Neutral Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air


    Back Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air, Back Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    That's not all folks !

    You must avoid thinking that this character is played like the two other Link and mustn’t play him too defensively while camping. Yes, projectiles are an integral part of his gameplay but he isn’t as good in this field as other zoners, meaning that you will have to mix-up your game and not solely rely on projectiles. This character can permit himself to profit of offensives phases, might as well take advantage of this.


    Toon Link players tend to pull out their projectiles way too close to their opponent, but it’s rarely a good idea because they are slow, and so, very easy to counter. For example, generally, when Toon Link players get hit and sent off-stage, the first thing they will do is pull out a bomb, which is a good thing but can be punished if the opponent knows the character, so watch out for this flaw.


    Avoid mashing and throwing moves around mindlessly with Toon Link because it’s easily punishable. The most obvious example of this is using the Down Air over and over again to land back on stage, even though this move is extremely punishable and can lead to a self-destruct if done off-stage. Avoid grabbing too much as well, it’s way too risky for something with low reward. In the same general idea, be careful not to jump too much, which can be tempting seeing how good his aerial attacks are, nevertheless you have to stay as grounded as possible in order to profit from this characters great mobility and to avoid finding yourself in disadvantage.

    In a nutshell

    The pleasure you will have playing Link Cartoon will come from his speed and versatility, which allow to switch between an offensive, hand to hand playstyle, and a defensive playstyle using his projectiles. This makes this character very varied, whose gameplay invites to think globally. And, the fact that he’s quick and very creative will allow to create particularly insane moments, with situations thought ahead of time thanks to bomb or boomerang setups leading into pretty crazy combos. He’s as well a very expressive and quite funny character, who will leave no one indifferent, making him a fun character to play and watch. Certainly not an inferior version of Link, but rather an actual character who deserves some recognition.

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