47 Wii Fit Trainer

First appearance :
Wii Fit (2007 - Wii)

Wii Fit Trainer is a surprising character, who has a lot of attractive features at her disposal in order to confuse her opponent, allowing you to constantly innovate with her ! Between her disturbing moves with their weird and unique properties and the capacities given by most of her special moves, you can easily be overwhelmed if you play against a good Wii Fit trainer.




  • Applies o lot of pressure
  • Many combos
  • A surprising character
  • Really good offstage


  • Requires a huge training
  • Pretty slow
  • Lacks range



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Combo food
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Beats their projectiles


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Small size
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Fast and good range  



  • Easier to make the ball bounce
  • Allows you to play defensively


  • The ball bounces randomly on it


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Wii Fit Trainer coup spécial de Wii Fit Trainer

When you play as Wii Fit Trainer, it will be essential for you to master two of her special moves : the Down B and the Side B. The Down B, called Deep Breathing, grants you massive stats’ boost that make Wii Fit trainer really scary when she is under those boosts. The Side B, on the other hand, allows you to summon a ball you can throw on the direction you want, depending on which move you use to hit the ball with.

Best moves

  • SIDE B

    It is Wii Fit Trainer’s main asset. This move allows her to pull out a ball really quickly, which can be perfect for getting out of complicated situations, while applying a great pressure to the opponent. This move also allows you to maintain yourself in the air, to deal massive damage or even to kill. Note that the ball can be used with other moves, offering you over 50 possible angles which can cover many options of the opponent, and can help you starting devastating combos.


    This move comes out quickly while inflicting a lot of damage on both sides of the Wii Fit Trainer. It explains why it is an interesting killing tool, knowing that because of its speed, it can easily surprise your opponent, making it hard to punish. It is important to know too that if you hit your enemy with your foot, you will launch your opponent in a very specific angle, which is perfecto to start combos !

  • DOWN B

    Deep Breathing. Once activated, Deep Breathing increases damage, launch power and walking speed by 25%. All damages and ejection power taken are also reduced by 10%, and the whole thing for 13 seconds. Threatening combos become possible, but down B is also risky to use because it lasts for a while. It explains why you should mainly use it offstage, although an airdodge only will let you off.


    This move allows you to combo your opponent and to deal him more than 60% with a combo. The move also grants you access to kill confirms at 50% if you are under deep breathing’effects, or at 85% if you are not. Parry is also useless against it since the move hits twice, which applies a bit more pressure to your opponent to.

  • JAB

    This move allows you to bury your opponent with the last hit, and we all know how threatening the burry has become in Smash Ultimate ! This kind of always allows her to kill, even if the opponent gets out. Furthermore, the second hit also hit behind her, which allows her to launch the opponent or the ball in very interesting angles.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral B

    Up Tilt, Back Air

    Forward Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Up B

    Back Air

    Up Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Control your breathe

    A Wii Fit player has all interest in using her down B as soon as possible, in order to raise her stats and to give her more opportunities to kill. However, be careful when you are loading it, it makes you very vulnerable, especially if you load it when you are grounded. The same goes for the Neutral B. If you use this move on the ground, your shield will take more time to come out, letting you wide open for any kind of punishment.

    A healthy mind in a healthy body

    If you correctly uses the Deep Breathing, your character is certainly more powerful and resistant, but you should not think that you suddenly became invincible. This technique doesn’t protect you from a well placed Forward-Smash so, when you are under this effect, don’t stop thinking, and play rigorously by simply accentuating the pressure you put on your opponent.

    A balanced diet

    As all other characters, there are some moves that are instinctively used in some situations. These moves don’t have to be totally erased from your moveset, but you should limit their uses in order to surprise your opponent, and to avoid getting heavily punished. So, you should avoid using the Side B without thinking, since you are vulnerable, and avoid as much as you can to land with an aerial move, especially a Down Air.

    In a nutshell

    Wii Fit Trainer is a complex character that will create confusion, since the character is not that played and possesses many options for constantly changing her gameplay, constantly innovating and so trapping her opponent. Besides, the ball’s management gives a lot of charm to the character. Furthermore, the character can heal herself, can bury her opponent, has multihits moves, 3 spikes and can upgrade her speed. There are a lot of options that makes the character more interesting, although you will need a lot of training to play her well. Who would have thought that Wii Fit trainer would have a name that “Fits” her so well.

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