29 Zero Suit Samus

First appearance :
Metroid Zero Mission (2004-GBA)

Zero Suit Samus, aka ZSS, is an extremely mobile chatacter, who can quickly steal a stock but who requires, in return, to demonstrate great precision. Her combo game is then really rigorous and, because of ZSS lightweight, any mistake could be your last.




  • Excellent mobility
  • Great kill confirms
  • Kills quickly
  • Really good recovery


  • Light weight
  • No true combos at high %
  • Requires precision



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Combo food


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Small size  



  • Gives enough space to move


  • Interfere with some setups


Pro Tips

Best moves


    This move strikes in front and behind Samus, but is used at its best while fastfalling. Then, it become a great tool to start a combo and can also lead to a kill at specific pourcentages when followed up by a down B for example. A safe on shield attack and certainly one of ZSS best option during the neutral phase to create an opening.

  • ZAIR

    For ZSS, it is simply the best distancing tool during the neutral. This move alone can help you to win some match ups, keeping the less mobile characters at bay and, being safe on shield, helping you to constantly apply pressure to your enemy. At specific pourcentages Zair can also even lead to a kill if followed by a back air or an Up B for example. This move can also send your opponent to the ground, which can be easy then to down smash him and to secure a kill.

  • DOWN B

    It can be used to escape a disadvantage state, as an efficient option to recover, as a kill move, or simply to shorten the distance between Samus and her enemy... The first part, the flip jump, is a phase where ZSS quickly jumps. Landing on your opponent can then bury him leading to a potential KO starting at 100%. The second part of the move, the flip kick, is triggered while pressing the attack button during the flip jump, dealing great damages and even spiking.

  • UP B

    It is ZSS best out of shield option, even if the opponent has to be close to you. Up B strikes hard and has a good launch power. Besides, it is possible to use this move as a follow up after a Zair (at some %), a Down smash or a Down B. It also is a good option to recover but beware, after using it, Zero Suit Samus will be stuck in a freefall state, being easily punishable.


    A two part foot strike. The first part is safe on shield while fastfalling, allowing you to use a new option during the neutral phase. If you strike the opponent with it, while landing on the ground, you can follow it by nearly any move, kill confirming with a Back Air or a Down B for example. It also is an excellent out of shield option and can be useful even with a rising short hop, striking low profiles foes.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Up Tilt

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Up Air


    Up B

    Forward Air, Up Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Chozo's training

    With ZSS, you will need to work on the set ups and on the combos to unlock all the KO's opportunities, especially with the Down B. A lot of beginers often use the Down B hazardly which can become dangerous, and even leading to a suicide offstage. With ZSS, you will have to be precise in your moves, using the Down B offstage only in specific and well trained situations.

    Other Moves

    Don't spam Down B during the neutral or a disavantage phase, except for a kill confirm. You have more reliable option at your disposal during these phases and, even if it might save you several times, excessivelly used flip jump can quickly become really punishable.


    Don't forget the Zair. This move has a tendency to be understimated when in fact it has some advantages. Zair will allow you to build a better reaction game by studying your opponent's reactions while he gets pressured : does he often shield, jump, or drawback ? Beyond that, it is a great attack to initiate an interesting advantage phase.

    In a nutshell

    Zero Suit Samus is an explosive character, possessing devastating attacks, imposing her gameplay and, above all, quickly securizing a KO by taking advantage on her opponent's mistakes. All of it gives ZSS a great comeback potential, allowing her to stay in course even after a game that badly started, which is always thrilling to see ! To sum up, Zero Suit Samus is a challenging character, requiring high precision to master essential technics, making each successful phase and game even more satisfying. ZSS won't be suited for everyone but, if you give her enough time, she might surprise you.

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