Tournament Rulesets

General Ruleset :

Singles :

  • Ruleset : 3 Stock
  • Time Limit : 6-8 minuts
  • Items : Off
  • Stage Hazard Toggle : Off
  • Final Smash Meter : Off
  • Spirits : Off

Doubles :

  • All the rulesets for singles above apply
  • Team Attack : On

Important :

  • If time runs out, the winner is first determined by how many stocks remain, and then by the percentage after time is up.Si le timer tombe à 0, le vainqueur désigné est celui qui a le moins de pourcentages à la fin du temps écoulé.
  • Pausing the game will generally result in a stock lost.

Stages :

For further informations about competitive stages and how to pick them up, please click on the link below :

Operation :

Tournaments usually follow the same pattern. First, games are BO3 (Best Of 3), the first player up to 2 victories wins the game. In finals, it’s then BO5 (Best Of 5), the first player up to 3 victories winning the game this time.

Almost some offer to fight each other in pools where the first ones of each group qualify for the next step, many tournaments work with a double direct elimination system. A player has the right to lose once, but if he finds out in a loser run, he then has no right to any mistake or he will be definitively eliminated.

A player coming from the loser run, finding himself in grand finale must successively win two BO5 against the finalist from the winner run in order to win the tournament.

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