02 Donkey Kong

First appearance :
Donkey Kong (1981 - Arcade)

Donkey Kong seems to be “easy to play” at first sight but actually stands out of the cast.  In fact, in order to be correctly mastered, you need to know about advanced game skills. And even if his weight and his hitbox make him easy to combo, he has interesting tools to reverse the game course !




  • Great attack range
  • Heavy weight
  • Great launch power
  • Impressive advantage phase


  • Combo food
  • Lacks of good OOS options
  • Bad at disadvantage phase
  • Predictable recovery



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Needs to get closer
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Exploitable recovery


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Size and combos
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  • Easier to DKO
  • Cargo throw can quickly kill


  • Harder to KO on it
  • Easy to get gimped offstage


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Donkey Kong coup spécial de Donkey Kong

Donkey kong’s grab works in a different way from other characters. If you move your stick forward when you grab your opponent, DK can lift him on his shoulder. In addition of offering him a free walk, it allows you to bring your opponent where you want, especially out of the stage, to violently throw him in the blast zone or against the stage’s edge.

Best moves

  • GRAB

    This is Donkey Kong's main mechanic, since DK can walk all over the stage carrying his opponent on his shoulder. This is a very interesting option in order to improve your stage control or to throw your opponent in the blast zone. Besides, DK's grab range is huge and allows him to grab an opponent quite far and to start low percentage combos with a Carho Up Throw.


    It is an attack that hits during the entire animation. In addition, this move allows DK to gain back stage control. A very good option to cover their landing and to easily start combos.


    This attack can be charged and has huge launch power. In addition, it allows you to safely land on a shield, since it has frames of super armor during the active frames of the move. It is also a good combo finisher and it allows you to perform many advanced DK techniques.


    Once it is mastered, this move can overpass many other attacks, especially those from swordsmen, thanks to its long range, which allows DK to gain back stage control. Moreover, it is possible to 2 frame an opponent trying to reach the ledge.


    It is DK’s best move. His Back Air is fast, strong, has great launch power and is disjointed because his foot doesn’t have a hurtbox. A great tool for neutral or for edgeguard, since it's a pretty safe move if well spaced.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Up B in the air

    Up Tilt


    Down B in the air

    Neutral B

    Neutral Air

    Up B in the air

    Up Air

    Back Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips


    Be careful not to waste your second jump when you're in disadvantage. It is a very precious tool that may save your life since DK's recovery doesn't make you gain height. So it is sometimes better to try to go away or to chose options that will help you keeping your second jump.

    Don't play bongo

    Be careful not to spam risky moves like up b or dash attack even if they can kill at 70 % at the ledge. Concerning Dash Attack, mainly use it to cover your opponent’s landing or to surprise him. Don’t spam it though, or you’ll become incredibly predictable.

    King of Swing

    Don’t forget some moves, and remember to always charge the Neutral B during neutral, when every player is watching the other. It is an interesting option that applies much pressure on the opponent. So, don’t hesitate to load the punch, and to use it ! In the same idea, don’t forget your grab, it is one of DK’s best option.

    In a nutshell

    Donkey Kong is a character that has a lot of advantages, especially for a heavy. This makes DK an explosive and quite violent character to play as, since he can lose a stock as fast as he can get one. This violence makes the character fun both to play and to watch, each game being more intense than the previous one! It is probably one of the best character to start the game with, because he can be easily played, but it requires lots of work in order to master all of the character's potential, and to benefit the most as you can of every advantage phase.

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