18 Dr. Mario

First appearance :
Docteur Mario (1990 - NES)

Dr Mario is a fearsome character when he gets closed to his opponents with way more destructive attacks than Mario’s. His main flaw however is his mobility, one of the worst ones in the game that he compensates by the violence of some of his moves and his very great combo game.




  • Excellent at close range
  • Fast moves
  • Great combo game
  • Good damages


  • Lacks range
  • Bad mobility
  • Terrible recovery



  • icône de fox
  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de ganondorf


  • icône de lucina
  • icône de chrom
  • icône de shulk
Swordsmen and range
  • icône de link
  • icône de samus
  • icône de mega-man



  • Small move to get close
  • But risky because there is a lot of space offstage


  • Too big and useful to campers


Pro Tips

Best moves


    The neutral B is, with no contest, Dr Mario's best move when he is far from his enemy. The projectile has a large hitbox, allowing Dr Mario to cover his assaults and to keep his opponents away. This move is also useful to deal % or to start combos and kill confirms. In a nutshell, an essential tool !

  • GRAB

    Grab's range is more than decent, especially for Dr Mario's height. The Back throw is really useful to take stocks, but his Down throw is better for starting combos, that can lead to really early deaths.


    It's Dr Mario's best move in neutral. This attack starts fast, has a great range (again, especially for this character), deals a lot of damage and remains a safe option. With the Up air, these two aerials can punish every aggression that is sightly too close to a shield while keeping distances.

  • UP B

    This attack goes really fast, starting at frame 3 and owning a great ejection potential. Then, it's a very useful at high %. A fearsome move to punish any sightly risky move from your opponent, even if its massive ending lag, makes of the Up b a very punishable option.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air, Up B

    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Back Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Up Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Wear mask

    Dr Mario is a character that has low mobility and range: it explains why your opponent has no reason to stay close to you : he will constantly fly away and keep you far from him. This might make you lose your temper and rushdown your opponent, and that is a big mistake. The whole Doc's neutral is based on faked rushes and plays with shields. If you forget that, the opponent will just punish you with spaced moves and will easily win the neutral.

    No physical contact

    When Dr Mario is in disadvantage, by being juggled or simply offstage, it will be difficult to get away with the Doc: this is the reason why you need to learn to manage your tools at these moments. Your jump is extremely important because it's Doc's only tool to delay aerial approaches, making it something even more important. Also, the Down B has much endlag, that can make you vulnerable to a gimp or an attack offstage. Thus, a good way to use it is by being far from your enemy, in the length or height direction.

    Social Distancing

    Learn to stop yourself at the right time when you are in advantage with the Doc. Even if these moments are rare and make you feel quite powerful, being too greedy can be counterproductive to you. It can sometimes be better to step back in order to cover ledge's or advantage's options, because of Doc's great frame data and killpower. Knowing Doc's good options, it may often be better to search for any enemy's mistake instead of finishing as fast as possible.

    In a nutshell

    Despite its frustrating weaknesses, Dr Mario is a really passionating character to play with. The beginning of the games will always be difficult due to his lack of range and mobility but, once you setup your game, the Doc is suddenly more fascinating ! He owns almost frame-perfect combos that will bring you an intense satisfaction when you manage to use them in real conditions ! And, we must say it, he owns some really hyping combos !

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