59 Duck Hunt

First appearance :
Duck Hunt (1984 - NES)

Duck Hunt is an odd character who uses his incredible zoning kit in order to eficiently control the stage. It is also a defensive fighter that will force its opponents to attack you, thus creating unexpected opportunities thanks to its can.




  • Excellent projectiles
  • Great aerial game
  • Really good grabs


  • Free recovery
  • Lacks killmoves
  • No fast moves



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  • Platforms for the can
  • Needs space to move


  • Struggles against campers
  • Gets easily edgeguarded with the walls


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Duck Hunt coup spécial de Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt owns several original moves, that can be activated at distance, like the Neutral B and the side B either to approach or to poke an enemy. However, the most original move of all is the Down B that randomly summons a gunman among five gunners, each with more or less attack speed/power. These gunners have a hitbox and can get K.Oed over 5%, thus making the gunners a great protection against some projectiles.

Best moves


    It's by far his most useful move, because the whole Duck Hunt's gamestyle is based on this 1-frame projectile. The Neutral B is great to deal % and to put pressure on your opponent, knowing that the can can kill at high %. A really useful tool in Duck Hunt's arsenal that can also be used to edgeguard or as a way to safely recover.

  • SIDE B

    The Side B is also excellent thanks to its ability to start true combos with aerials. Besides, as a projectile, this special move is great for zoning, knowing that you can make the frisbee explode whenever you want in order to expand the move's hitbox. In a nutshell, a good move at close range and at distance that can increase % really fast.

  • DOWN B

    A gunner shows himself next to Duck Hunt and will shoot more or less quickly or strongly. This move will pressure an enemy a lot that will do only one of two possible options : shielding or jumping, Allowing Duck Hunt to grab or to punish with aerials.

  • UP AIR

    It's very useful to prevent the enemy from landing, due to the Up air's great range and priority that will heavily surprise an opponent and efficiently cover aerial aggressions. Besides, this moves owns a decent ejection potential, making of the Up air the best aerial Duck Hunt has to kill.


    The Forward air is the most used aerial (regardless of special moves) because it is used to increase % while having a great combo potential. This is due to the fact that this move owns the best range/lag ratio. Thus, it's one of his only tools in neutral (again, regardless of specials) to keep the opponent at bay.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Neutral B


    Side B

    Forward Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Neutral Air, Up Air

    Back Air, Forward Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Hit with the zapper

    You need to learn how to manage all Duck Hunt's projectiles and know how to play at distance without just randomly using attacks: it's better to space your moves using the Forward air in order to stay safe. This will allow you to practice social distancing to put the enemy in disadvantage by overusing your projectiles. However, take care with some projectiles like the Side B, that remains punishable.

    Come on Hogan !

    Even if Dunk Hunt is a defensive fighter, his style is not set in stone and you don't have to always wait your opponent to attack. So, you can force openings by moving forward at the same time as the can or a gunman fires for example, in order to put pressure when you get close, because Duck Hunt is not so bad at this and it will be better in advantage phases to keep attacking and not to release your pressure.

    Wild Gunman

    For most Duck Hunt players, all the match will resume in throwing projectiles, conditioning the opponent to shield and them punishing him with a grab, but that will only work for a while because the opponent will eventually find a way to dodge, to jump or anything else to punish Duck Hunt's missing grab. That's why you need to mix up your gameplay and to use the can in different ways and not to make it always explode at the same time.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Duck Hunt, pleasure will come from the fact that Duck Hunt is a projectile character, meaning that he will spend his time controlling the stage and its opponent's movements, forcing the enemy to approach and destroying his mental at the same time. If you like playing defensive fighters, then Duck Hunt may suit you right : besides, he owns some satisfying combos based on his projectiles. More than that, Duck Hunt is a character that can easily provoke unexpected situations. In a nutshell, a fun character who requires you to react right, explaining why you need some mastery to play with it.

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