07 Fox

First appearance :
StarFox (1993 - SNES)

Fox is one of the fastest characters in the game and has a lot of combo options which gives him some very good advantage phases. If Fox finds an opening you might have big difficulties to get out at a low cost and it will be very complicated to land on the stage !




  • Fast
  • Great combo game
  • High gravity
  • Good advantage


  • Light weight
  • Punishable recovery
  • Struggles to kill



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de king-k-rool
  • icône de ganondorf
Combo food
  • icône de heros
  • icône de snake
  • icône de samus
Back to sender


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de pichu
  • icône de luigi
Great combo game
  • icône de ryu
  • icône de ken
  • icône de terry
Better in close combat
  • icône de lucina
  • icône de shulk
  • icône de palutena
Disjointed attacks  



  • Allows you to adopt different approaches
  • Easier juggle and can kill from above


  • Too close lateral blastones
  • Gets easily 2 framed


Pro Tips

Best moves


    It is his best tool in the neutral game to take advantage of his opponent and to create combo opportunities. Indeed, this move has a very good range and is one of the best moves to wiff punish, in a tech chase situation, and also in order to punish a landing or at the ledge.


    A very fast and very safe attack in the neutral phase while having a good priority on many moves. As often with the Neutral air, the attack is a tool with many uses in a lot of situations. It’s a very good combo starter, a great combo finisher, a good ledgetrap tool because it covers three options but also a great combo breaker or a good out of shield option. In short, a useful move in advantage as well as in disadvantage.


    This is the best move to put pressure on the opponent's shield and it usually allows you to put yourself out of reach of an enemy's counterattack thanks to the range of the Back Air.

  • UP AIR

    This attack deals a lot of damages to the enemy, while keeping him in a disadvantage situation, because this move leads to a combo or simply puts pressure on an opponent's shield, especially on a stage with platforms.


    This move is also interesting because it's a very good anti-air and thus a very useful option in an edgeguard situation while being also a good move during a combo. It is also a useful attack to come back on stage because the attack makes the character gain height which thus helps Fox to vary his recovery.


    It’s the attack that allows him to finish off his opponent. It's a fast move and therefore a good out of shield option that hits his enemy very hard, since it can kill from 90% even if it exposes you to quite a lot of endlag. This is usually a move that is used in a kill setup, often preceded by a neutral air or a down air. This attack can also be used to hit an opponent who lands and can hit through some platforms.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Down B

    Up Tilt

    Neutral Air

    Back Air

    Up Air

    Down B in the air

    Neutral Air

    Up Smash, Down Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Big dinosaurs hooves

    Avoid overusing Smash attacks and especially the Up Smash when you start playing with Fox. These are certainly interesting and generally allow Fox to take a stock but these are attacks that are easily predictable at a high percentage and the opponent will just have to protect himself to put you in trouble. Indeed, these are moves that have quite a lot of lag compared to the average moves. In addition to his Smashes, you will have to be careful and also avoid spamming Dash Attack in the neutral. So, sometimes you should rather use a grab and try not to be predictable!

    Stay under the Torii

    Also, don't be greedy and avoid unnecessarily pursuing inadvantage situation. Fox is a nervous character who always makes you want to attack and to be agressive. However, he is also a character who dies very quickly, which means that an advantageous situation can quickly turn back against you. So stay vigilant !

    Aim at the Corneria

    Fox's recovery is one of the most exploitable recoveries and can be easily countered, read or 2 framed, so try to vary your returns on stage so that your opponent can't take advantage of it. You can use your Side B to come back horizontally or even rely on your Down B to slow down your fall. And above all, don't waste your jump because it is Fox's main tool to effectively vary your recovery!

    In a nutshell

    By playing Fox, pleasure will come from his ability to create opportunities for combos and in the fact that he is a fast and lively character on the ground as well as in the air, giving the player the impression that he has no limits. This will give the player a great sense of freedom and the feeling that he can react to anything. On the other hand, you'll have to stay alert throughout the game, because you can die fairly easily, but winning with Fox will make you feel like you've won a great fight ! In short, a character made for players who like to fight hand-to-hand, who like to pressure the opponent while being fast and taking risks !

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