71 Joker

First appearance :
Persona 5 (2016 - PS4)

Joker is a character who can count on his good mobility and on Arsene to be a top tier! Arsene improve all his attacks and specials, this specificity makes him a dangerous character. Today, Joker is inseparable of MKLeo. This Mexican player shines with this character on the international scene !




  • Good mobility
  • Can comeback with Arsene
  • Pressure game
  • Versatile


  • Needs Arsene to kill
  • Not a good recovery
  • Bad OOS options
  • Precision needed to attack



  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de corrin
  • icône de byleth
Bad mobility and recovery
  • icône de roi-dadidou
  • icône de king-k-rool
  • icône de felinferno
Combo food
  • icône de mario
  • icône de donkey-kong
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Many positive MUs


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de pichu
  • icône de carapuce
Hard to hit
  • icône de inkling
Cancel some options
  • icône de peach
  • icône de sonic
  • icône de mega-man
Doable, but complicated  



  • Useful to escape
  • Fast kill offstage and by the side


  • Not so many space
  • Lacks platforms


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Joker coup spécial de Joker

Joker has an unique aptitude, the rebellion gauge. This gauge is naturally filled by taking damage, but it can also be done more quickly by taking damage while activating his down B. When the gauge is full Arsene is summoned. With Arsene, Joker deals more damage, ejects further. He also has a new recovery, can counter with down B, the neutral B becomes a multi-hit, the side B goes further and he can spike with his down air. But if you use special attacks or take damage his gauge will decrease quicker.

Best moves


    It is one of the best projectiles in game. The gun can’t be reflected, so he can easily give some percentages in neutral phases. This attack can be used to leave disadvantage situations by landing with it. And in edge guard he can use this attack to gimp some low recoveries.

  • DOWN B

    It is one of his best attacks because it is the best counter in the came. Without Arsene, he can turn the tide by summoning Arsene or break a combo. With Arsene, this counter and reflector have a good frame data, kills early, it is an excellent tool for edge guarding and can punish aggressive player.

  • SIDE B

    Side B is a good projectile in neutral. That move can compete with Wolf’s blaster. Also, it is safe when used with short up while moving back. It is also a good tool to edge guard.


    This attack is quick, strong (especially with Arsene) and it is even more powerful with his quick fastfall. And if we add the fact that its hitbox is actives for a long time and that the attack got almost no lag, you understand that it is a useful tool. It is powerful in edge guard situations or ledge trap situations. It is also one of the rare out of shield option that Joker has. With Arsene this attack gets monstrous.

  • GRAB

    Joker’s grab is without a doubt one of his best options because Joker got one of the best dash grab. This grab is also a good combo starter. If Joker grabs you with Arsene out, you are sure to get minimum 30% ! Joker is an enemy who force the opponent to shield, so this grab is useful and one important move for Joker!


    His Forward Tilt is interesting on the ground and for ledge trapping. This attack can poke in safety and can be oriented in 3 different angles. This can provoke some situations like the tech chases for exemple. And near the ledge, his ejection angle can kill.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Down B

    Jab, Down B Arsène

    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Back Air

    Down Air

    Up Air

    Forward Air, Back Air

    Up Smash


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Go ! Persona !

    Use the rebel guard (down B) in a smart way and avoid to use it too much because it has a good reward, but the risk is too high too. Joker can be badly punished if the attack misses. So, use it on not-true opponent’s combos or to variate your game, but not like a principal option.

    Become a phantom

    This error is frequent in low/medium level Joker player. Get Arsene doesn’t give you an invincibility star, don’t rush ! In fact, rushing is the best way to lose Arsene. Joker isn’t safer when Arsene‘s out. It will be better if you are patient and use Arsene intelligently and not by just doing Forward Smashes.

    Visit mementos

    Don’t think playing Joker will instantly make you the best player of the world because he is a top tier character. It is a character who demands you to get a comprehension of the neutral because he is rarely safe and without Arsene his neutral is really linear. It is not recommended to begin Smash Ultimate with this character.

    In a nutshell

    The pleasure will come from the fact that he is a quick, powerful and technical character who requires a good precision. When understood, it gives you a great satisfaction. Also, we can play him in many different ways and when maining him, you have to analyze your enemies, which helps you for the other characters. Besides, don’t forget that he has really good attacks, projectiles and counter, so why not maining him ? To sum up, he is a quick and enjoyable character to main but it takes a real good learning of the character to play it in a good competitive level.

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