81 Kazuya

First appearance :
Tekken (1994 - PS1)

Kazuya is a character that excels in close range combat and when he has his two feet on the ground. Thanks to his numerous tools, he will be able to fill in the gaps in order to get quickly and easily closer to his opponent in order to deal big damages to him thanks to his combos and to his powerful attacks.




  • Excellent grounded game
  • Intangibility and armor
  • Fast movement options
  • Heavyweight
  • Huge damage and combos


  • Frame data
  • Awful air speed
  • Slow and heavy jumps
  • Requires a lot of work
  • Needs to be really precise



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de king-k-rool
Combo food


  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de inkling
  • icône de sonic
Too fast
  • icône de sephiroth
  • icône de amphinobi
  • icône de min-min
Whiff punish
  • icône de simon
  • icône de richter
Zoner with projectiles  



  • No platforms
  • Easy to setup 0 to death combos


  • Can't contest in the air
  • Hard to get out of a disadvantage state


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Kazuya coup spécial de Kazuya

Kazuya has many particularities. When he gets over 100%, he turns himself into rage which improves the power of his attacks and which gives him access to a powerful move. He also has armor on enemies’ weak attacks and super armor on some of his powerful attacks. As Ken, Ryu and Terry he will always face his enemy on 1vs1. Besides he has a really rich moveset, considering that he has diagonal and specific inputs to perform in order to realize some of his moves. Finally, Crouch Dash (→ ↓ ↘) is particularly dangerous to get closer because the upper part of Kazuya’s body is invincible.

Best moves


    You have got 2 frames to perform this input to get the electric move (→ ↓ ↘ + tapping A). Although it is active from frame 8, it makes Kazuya invulnerable from frame 1 to 8 and Kazuya’s arm intangible from frame 1 to 12. That’s why you can win any trade with it because it is also safe on a shield because it slightly pushes an enemy back if he is not that heavy. And if you hit your opponent, you can start a juggle and many combos. It is the move to master for Kazuya.


    Back Tilt is active at frame 11, has 9 frames of lag on a shield and makes Kazuya’s upper body intangible from frame 7 to 13. It is an excellent move in neutral, hardly punishable on a shield if well spaced and really useful to counter any aerial approach. Besides, if you hit a shield with it, it can be really useful to mesure how your enemy react and what habits he has, while staying safe, in order to punish him in the future. Anyway, an excellent move that can even kill.


    Still on the Tilts side, Up Tilt or Twin Pistons is also part of the attacks to memorize because of its versatility, especially if you only use the first hit. Thanks to its great priority on other moves, to its great hitbox and to the intangibility the Up Tilt grants to Kazuya’s upper body, it is an excellent tool in neutral to start combos, to prevent aerial approaches and to find openings.

  • GRAB

    Kazuya has probably the best grab and dash grab of the whole game according to its range and to all the options it gives you. In fact, coupled with Kazuya’s great footwork, it can be easy to perform a Dash Grab. Besides, it is an excellent combo starter at low % in order to lead to an EWGF by instance and furthermore to potential 0 to deaths or to huge damages according to your enemy’s %. Honorable mention to the Gates of Hell (↘ ↓ ↘ + grab), a real threat.

  • DOWN B

    Down B is a command grab so it beats an enemy’s shield. The move deals huge damages and can kill really early. However, this attack is really interesting in defense because it lets you slow down or change your landing’s timing while granting you super armor, which makes Kazuya less weaker in the air and more unpredictable.

  • UP B

    Up B is also really interesting thanks to its initial hitbox and because it is a good out of shield option. Even if it starts at frame 12, the attack lets you act how you wish in the air once you performed it and will hardly punish aerial approachs. Besides, with Neutral B, Down B and the fact that you can jump or airdodge even after using it, it becomes a really good option to change Kazuya’s recovery in order to be unpredictable.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    UP AIR

    JAB 1





    UP AIR


    UP B


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Neutrave War

    Even if the character is complex, you must not forget about the basics. Don’t be only focus on combos to the detriment of the other aspects of the game as neutral. In a same idea, be also focus on mixing your defenive options, because besides the attack, you must take care of your defense, considering the fact that the character has a bad disadvantage and that you could easily lose a stock.

    Blinded by hatred

    Be careful not to spam some of Kazuya’s moves, you would easily become predictable and so punishable by your opponent. Don’t forget that even if Kazuya’s attacks are really effective in terms of power, they still remain way more laggy than the other characters from fighting game in Smash Bros and finally, few of Kazuya’s moves are really safe on a shield. That’s why you must find yourself patient in neutral, stay safe in your pressure and watch out for the slightest opening.


    If you want to correctly handle Kazuya, you will need to know his whole moveset and to know how to use the attack you want whenever you want, wherever you want. More specifically, you will need to work on your Electric Wind God Fist in order to use it as you wish, whether you are on the left or the right side of the screen. This move is that important in Kazuya’s arsenal that it is really important for you to use it that easily. Once you have perfectly mastered it, learn to perform all the combos that are linked to the EWGF. Still, it is essential.

    In a nutshell

    For Kazuya, pleasure will come from his uniqueness, because he is a character who will force you to think again about your Smash Bros habits because he is that different from what you are used to. You will need to spend time on training mode, in order to perfectly master combos that will help you to put some 0 to deaths combos in front of your powerless opponent. The reward easily worth it. Besides, Kazuya shines with his power, his movement tools and the numerous combos possibilities which means that there is still a lot of things to discover and that the character offers a lot of room for improvement to the most relentless players.

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