46 Mega Man

First appearance :
Mega Man (1987 - NES)

Mega Man is a character with a lot of projectiles and options to keep his opponent far from him, to control the stage and therefore the match. He is a terrifying character in neutral that keeps pressuring his opponent and he will definitely be a problem for many characters.




  • Excellent zoner
  • Stage control
  • Edgeguard
  • Versatile character


  • Slow in melee
  • Struggles to land
  • Exploitable recovery
  • Complex character



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Combo food
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Top tier


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Big pressure
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Blaster and reflector
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Long range  



  • Big enough to zone
  • Watch out against best zoners


  • Too small to breathe
  • Metal Blade bothered by the slopes


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Mega Man coup spécial de Mega Man

Mega Man is a character with very special characteristics, indeed he has a single attack instead of three : the jab, Forward Tilt and Neutral Air. In fact, the same attack is the same for three commands, it is Mega Man's lemons. You can thus jump and advance by firing these projectiles, knowing that these projectiles can be sent three by three, the last one being more powerful than the others.

Best moves


    Used for its jab, forward tilt or neutral air, this single attack is assigned to three commands. This is Mega Man’s basic mechanics in the neutral. This tool allows him to control the stage and to keep pressuring the enemy at a distance allowing him to approach while blocking opponent's approaches from the ground and the air. You can also move forward and jump using it and it can be useful outside the stage for gimp.


    It's a projectile that Ness and Lucas can't absorb and that offers a lot of combo options to vary Megaman's combo game, or even to lead to a kill confirm. It can be used in three ways. First by launching it directly in 8 different directions by pressing B. If you already have it in your hand, you can also throw it. Finally you can simply release it with a Zdrop.


    This is by far his best option to kill because it comes out very quickly and has a high launch power. It is a particularly dangerous tool offstage and especially for edgeguarding. It's also a very good defensive tool thanks to its speed makes of it Megaman's main option as an out of shield option.

  • DOWN B

    It's a very good tool in the neutral because this shield has a big hitbox and beats almost everything except the shield, forcing the opponent to take it into account ! In addition, the Down B deals about 20% when all the leaves hit. On top of that it's a good retreat tool because Mega Man has time to escape when he sees that the first hits hit the enemy’s shield.


    Down Air is a great edgeguard tool offstage, while staying safe. If you land on stage while performing a late Down Air, there is almost no lag when you touch the ground, which can surprise your enemy with a grab or an Up Tilt.


    Forward Smash can also surprise many enemies because it is a Smash that can go through Link’s boomerang by instance and go pretty far.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Back Air

    Down Tilt

    Up Tilt

    Down Air

    Forward Air

    Dash Attack

    Back Air

    Up Smash

    Neutral Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Projo Man

    At first glance, his projectiles seem to be safe and you might be tempted to overuse them in the neutral. However, this is a very bad idea, and the best way to get punished. Using them perfectly is more about reacting to your opponent's actions than trying to create a dam with your projectiles while keeping your distances. Finally, don't underestimate the lemons that are the core of Mega Man's neutral. It is important to manage their timing, to know when to stop, and to be aware of their maximum range.

    Astro boots

    Mega Man recovery does not have a hitbox on it and even though it offers a lot of possible variations, Mega Man players tend to act in the same way, that is, using a Neutral B on the ledge, throwing up the Up B, double jumping and using an aerial dodge to catch the edge. Only used in this way, Mega Man’s recovery becomes extremely predictable and punishable despite the freedom it offers. By instance, the opponent can run into you while you throw the Neutral B or he can still 2 frames you if you always have the same timing.

    Paper beats rock

    The Down B is a move that has its advantages as we explained previously but it is especially an attack that you should absolutely not use randomly during the neutral because it will not necessarily connect to another attack and because you can get punished even if you hit once. Moreover, if it becomes too predictable, the opponent just has to protect himself and to use a Forward Smash or even to hit you with a disjointed attack before the leaves hit him.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Mega Man, pleasure will come from the fact that it will be very difficult to be approached by your opponent, which will give you a good stage control feeling. A lot of Mega Man's gameplay is based on his projectiles and on his item play, or on his ability to set traps to surprise his opponent. A character who can quickly make your opponent goes crazy, as you will constantly harass him. On top of that, he has a lot of options with rather stylish combos, which allows you to be rather creative while offering a nice show to your audience ! It's a character that's still complicated to play with a lot of advanced techniques to master and a gameplay that's really different from other characters, but it's above all a fighter with a lot of resources, making the effort and the work you've invested in it valuable.

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