52 Mii Swordfighter

First appearance :
Wii Sport (2006 - Wii)

L’épéiste Mii est un personnage qui possède beaucoup d’options pour pouvoir contrecarrer le jeu de projectiles adverse ce qui en fait un très bon personnage contre les zoneurs et qui peut facilement surprendre vu qu’il est finalement peu joué. De plus, le fait qu’il puisse choisir entre plusieurs attaques spéciales lui permet encore plus de mieux réagir à son adversaire.




  • Zoning abilities
  • Range of his moves
  • Versatile
  • Few played


  • Bad air speed
  • Bad disadvantage
  • Exploitable recovery
  • Struggles to kill



  • icône de roi-dadidou
  • icône de marie
  • icône de heros
Depends on projectiles
  • icône de kirby
  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de ice-climbers
Slow character
  • icône de olimar
  • icône de pac-man
Well placed in the tier list


  • icône de fox
  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de amphinobi
Great mobility
  • icône de lucina
  • icône de cloud
  • icône de shulk



  • Big enough for his projectiles
  • Platforms to protect


  • Platforms too high
  • The lack of platforms can bother


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Mii Swordfighter coup spécial de Mii Swordfighter

All Miis possess a great particularity. Knowing that they are customizable characters, we can find this particularity on their moves. They have the possibility to choose from 3 special moves for each special move. There are plenty of possible combinations, but the 1322 is one of the best in general, although the 1332 is better against heavy characters or characters that cannot really be edgeguarded, in order to kill them faster.

Best moves

  • UP AIR

    It is his best move on advantage. The attack possesses a big disjointed hitbox, with a more powerful hit at the beginning of the move. A great combo tool, especially with itself, after a down throw. It can even kill if it is followed by a tornado around 90%. It is this character's main killmove, and one of his most important attacks to raise your enemy’s %, and to juggle with him.


    It is the best spacing and shield poking move of the entire game. It is useful to hit an enemy under a shield while staying safe, since this move is Mii Swordfighter's quickest attack. This move has a great range and inflicts around 10%. A move you must pay respect to, because it leads to combos at low and mid percentages, which makes it an excellent neutral tool too. Also, since you crouch for performing the move, you are harder to hit.

  • SIDE B N°3

    There can be only one chakram at once, and it is guidable in 5 different directions. If you hold Side b, you will perform a strong chakram, which moves horizontally and is pretty fast. It has a pretty strong launch power and deals around 10%. The weak chakram is realized by performing a regular side b. It goes much slower, straight forward, and deals multiple hits, before coming back.


    Thanks to its range, it is a great spacing tool, although it is quite slow. It also allows you to end some combos at low %, and it can even kill near the ledge. You also can fast fall it in order to start devastating combos. A great move that nevertheless has some issues, like its slowness.


    La Down Throw reste un très bon move aussi même s'il ne s'agit que d'une throw car c'est la meilleure du personnage grâce à son éjection qui peut mener à un peu n'importe quoi.


    This very disjointed move is useful to hit a shield and possesses a great ejection power while landing. However, if you simply use it on the air, it won’t spike, neither will it eject your opponent. It will simply drag down the opponent with you, which allows you to put the opponent on a level he won’t be able to recover from.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Down Tilt


    Down Smash

    Back Air, Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Down Tilt

    Up B n°3

    Up Smash

    Up B n°1


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    No More projectiles

    You will have to be careful not to depend on the character's projectiles, mostly on the tornado. Yes, the Tornado can deal a lot of damages, can start true combos and lead to kill confirm. However, it is still a slow move and it can be very punishable if spammed or misused. Don't forget that those moves are not always safe on a shield, and that you are not forced to fill the empty space when nothing is happening by throwing everything you have in your pockets.

    Iwata says

    On the other side, do not only play close to your opponent. Mii Swordfighter remains a zoner, and you should not only try to hit with your kill moves at all cost on the opponent's shield. The Mii Swordfighter is not a good offensive character, so don't spam attacks, considering his bad frame data. Even if the opponent has more than 120%, it is better for you to keep him alive until 200% rather than being impatient.

    The leap of faith

    Be aware that the character is weak under pressure, and that it might be sometimes better for you to take some distance. Don't try anything stupid as an out of shield option, since you mostly can't do anything when this moment comes out, unless your opponent commits a big mistake. So, if you are in the middle of the stage, try to run away with a roll by instance, or if you are close to the ledge, better run away and take some distance.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Mii Swordfighter, pleasure will come from the fact that he is an atypical character and a great zoner. Indeed, his gameplay consists in setting up his game, testing his patience and the opponent's one. Because of that, playing smoothly, totally overwhelming your opponent while staying at a proper distance can feel great, since you feel that you fully control the stage. In order to play this swordfighter, you must prefer to think a bit rather than only focusing on big moves and combos. Besides, the character doesn't possess a gimmick, and relies on the basics of the game. A character to recommand to the most patient players and those who like to see a game as a chess one, precautiously moving his pawns.

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