26 Mr. Game & Watch

First appearance :
Ball (1980 - Game & Watch)

Mr. Game & Watch is a fun and surprising character who allies randomness with his hammer and devastating technical combos. Furthermore, he has lots of terrifying moves and really good out of shield options which make of him a character who can highly punish an inattentive or an opponent in a hurry.




  • Good in avantage
  • Huge damages
  • Great in defense
  • Surprising


  • Light weight
  • Small range
  • Struggles to kill



  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de ganondorf
  • icône de little-mac
Hurts a lot in disadvantage
  • icône de pikachu
  • icône de ness
  • icône de plante-piranha
Prevents from zoning
  • icône de snake
  • icône de villageois
  • icône de marie
Sends back projectiles


  • icône de shulk
  • icône de ike
  • icône de cloud
Swordsmen and range
  • icône de palutena
  • icône de corrin
Aerial control
  • icône de amphinobi
  • icône de sonic
  • icône de samus-sans-armure
Great mobility  



  • Platforms to combo
  • Kills faster from above


  • Too big and hard to kill on it
  • Less possible combos


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Mr. Game & Watch coup spécial de Mr. Game & Watch

Mr Game & Watch possesses a move with a big part of random. His side B, the hammer allows him to perform a less or more powerful attack depeding on the number you get, 9 being the strongest attack. Note that two numbers can't come up in a row. Another interesting special move, his down B allows him to absorb or to reflect some projectiles. Depending of the power of what he absorbs, Game & Watch can fill his bucket less or more rapidly in order to empty it on his opponent when it is fulled. A move that can stay charged from a stock to another if it is not used.

Best moves

  • UP B

    It’s Game & Watc's signature move. It is used everywhere and for everything, either as an out of shield option, at the beginning or at the end of a combo, in order to break your opponent’s combo or to prevent the opponent’s to recover. It’s a wonderful move, notably thanks to his excellent frame data.


    It’s his main combo tool. The move deals a lot of damages and greatly punishes an opponent’s jump. The Neutral Air is interesting in a combo phase when it is preceded by an Up B, by instance, as an out of shield option, or at the beginning of a combo when it hits when you are landing.


    It’s Game & Watch's best tool to stay away from his opponent. The move has a good range, low lag in the air, and has a landing hitbox, which makes it hard to punish. It’s also a very good tool for edgeguarding.


    It’s the best move to kill the opponent. In addition of having low lag and good range, hitting with the tip of the hammer can bury your opponent. After 70/80 % it’s a guaranteed death because it can generally be followed by a Forward Smash.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Up B


    Down Tilt, Dash Attack, Down B

    Forward Air

    Neutral Air

    Up Tilt, Up Smash, Side B

    Up B

    Down B dans les airs

    Neutral Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Not a simple calculator !

    Mr Game & Watch is a character who possesses some really interesting moves, so we can be tempted to use them way too frequently. In fact, you should not overuse the Down Air to recover on stage when you take a hit. It’s an option who can be really punishable to recover in a neutral phase so you should better vary your way to get back. At an other level, be careful not to only use Smash attacks when your opponent is at kill percent. If it doesn’t work, simply use another move instead of mashing the same move.

    Plan a parachute

    With this character, you can be tempted to play aggresively too, due to his great combo game and especially some moves that can save you from dangerous situations. Nevertheless, it’s important to vary your approaches and not to hesitate to camp and to prevent any approach. A good player will know how to quickly switch from an aggresive gameplay to a really defensive gameplay without trying to always assault his opponent.

    Don't judge me

    Then, yes, it’s really tempting to perform a little side B in order to take down your opponent’s stock. However , it could be a very risky option, unless if you are leading or if you want to be in a highlight vidéo. Generally you should rather not use it. Another point you need to be aware of is that Mr Game & Watch can direct his Neutral B, allowing him to dishes out his customers in different angles, which can be useful to cover different approaches.

    In a nutshell

    Mr Game & Watch is a character who provides a lot of fun and hype thanks to his surprising and atypical Side B attack ! His strange gesture and his extraordinary attacks contribute to strenghten this feeling. And if masters him, he will provide to you a total domination upon your opponent, notably thanks to his great combo game and some devastating attacks. It explains why he belongs to the glasscanons category, a character who can inflict a lot of damage but that can also die early. Besides, he also must be played as a « bait and punish » character who keeps pressuring his opponent in order to punish him.

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