40 Olimar

First appearance :
Pikmin (2001 - GameCube)

Olimar is an odd character who requires to take fast decisions while managing the Pikmins that he has at his disposal in order to deal percentages as fast as possible ! If your little companions are well-led, Olimar becomes a fearsome fighter who is able to keep almost any opponent at bay !




  • Massive damages
  • Fearsome at mid-distance
  • Anti projectiles
  • One Pikmin per situation


  • Needs to manage his Pikmins
  • Moves with no priority on it
  • Vulnerable recovery
  • Inoffensive without any recovery



  • icône de carapuce
  • icône de wario
  • icône de felinferno
Lacks of range
  • icône de samus
  • icône de daraen
Neutralized projectiles


  • icône de lucina
  • icône de shulk
Great range
  • icône de link
  • icône de wolf
  • icône de simon
Projectiles zoner
  • icône de zelda



  • Big stage without places to hide


  • Too small
  • Can be a good pick against heavies


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Olimar coup spécial de Olimar

All Olimar's play-style is based on his Pikmins. When a Pikmin hits, it leeaves its place to the next one. Olimar can have at best 3 Pikmins with him, that can die if hit enough. They always appear in the same order, each one having his owns characteristics: red (fire, + damage), yellow (electric, bigger hitbox), blue (physic, best throw), white (poison, goes + long, sticks longer and the best grab distance), purple (physic, - reach, + ejection) then red again... You can reorganise them by changing their order thanks to the Down B. It should be notated that the Up B goes much or less far depending of how much and which Pikmins you have.

Best moves


    This move allows Olimar to dig up Pikmins that he needs for 90% for his kit. Every Pikmin has different attributes, inner qualities and flaws and without them, Olimar surely become the worst character in the game, so it's a very important move !

  • DOWN B

    The Down B allows Olimar to reunite Pikmins as fast as possible. This move can also change the Pikmins use order, while giving super armor to Olimar in order to escape combos or a certain death against Wario's full fart ! Also notice that just after this move, you can surprise your opponent with a Back air.

  • SIDE B

    It's Olimar's main tool to force an opponent to approach because Olimar throws Pikmin that can deal % or block projectiles, like a living shield. If you play Olimar, your goal is to always stick one Pikmin on the opponent. If one Pikmin gets stuck, the opponent needs to react: by shielding or attacking blindly, making him punishable. Besides, the purple Pikmin is a very great zoning and approaching tool because it ejects but he doesn't get stuck!


    The Forward smash is the best option for zoning and for killing when the opponent is right next to Olimar! It's safe at distance and good in ledgetrap. Despite being slow and not having much priority, the Up smash is one of his best Out Of Shield option and it can start combos on itself at low % and even kill ! Finally, the Down smash is less powerful but hits on both sides, making it useful on a tech chase situation and on 2-frames situations (especially with a yellow Pikmin) !


    It's his main aerial tool in the neutral, working like a sword. The move is very safe and fast, can block approaches and is usable as an Out Of Shield option. Furthermore, combined with the purple Pikmin, the Forward air can kill pretty fast.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Down B


    Down Tilt, Up Tilt

    Back Air

    Forward Air

    Purple Side B

    Neutral Air, Forward Air

    Up Air

    Up Smash, Down Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Just landed

    Don't play Olimar if you just started the game, because it's not a good character to start Smash with. But more than that, take care not to play Olimar as a side B Pikmin-throwing turret that stays on a corner of the stage. Olimar's strength is not only to scratch percentages but also to perform great combos while dealing chronic damages thanks to the enemy's hitstun while being comboed, forbidden the opponent to unstick Pikmins from him.

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    Learn how to use Olimar's different attacks. His gameplay don't just sum up to smash attacks or Pikmin throws. While playing with Olimar, learn to use aerials in order to keep your opponents away and to use tilts who are needed in a lot of situations where Smash attacks are too risky.

    Hey ! Pikmin !

    Also, learn how to handle your Pikmins. For example, a bad Pikmin's management makes Olimar a lot less interesting and some combos can deal at best 70% and at worst 30% depending of a great or bad Pikmin's use. Thus, know all of Pikmin's priorities and try to adapt and to quickly change your strategy based on the Pikmins you have.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Olimar, pleasure will come from the sensation to play a real Pikmin game, a management game. The strategy is the core of Olimar's gameplay: which Pikmins am I going to have ? How to use the Pikmins I already have ? ... It's all about decision-making, that is either very unique in Smash and very satisfying when Pikmins are well-coordinated ! Thus, the character is very hard to be tired at, because every match is different from the other. A non-extravagant but rather cerebral character who requires a lot of reflexion to be mastered.

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