13 Peach

First appearance :
Super Mario Bros. (1985-NES)

Peach is a technical  character, often classed as a top tier in most of the tiers list, because the princess has a lot of potential, which makes her even more threatening as long as you progress with her. Peach stays however an atypical character that requires a special training, quite different from the other fighters.




  • Can float
  • Great combo game
  • Deals a lot of damages
  • Edgeguard
  • Ledgetrap


  • Exploitable recovery
  • Floaty character
  • Quite slow



  • icône de little-mac
  • icône de luigi
  • icône de roy
Bad recovery
  • icône de mario
  • icône de donkey-kong
  • icône de link
Majority of the roster


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  • icône de shulk
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Disjoint or projectiles
  • icône de palutena
Better in the air  



  • Doesn't need platforms
  • Kills fast or can extend combos on it


  • Rarely catches the ledge
  • The slopes stop the float


Pro Tips


coup spécial de Peach coup spécial de Peach

Peach possesses her own mechanic: the float. When you press and maintain the jump button, Peach is going to float in the air. She also can use it to go back on stage, to juggle with her opponent while staying fully mobile, or to counter her opponent's recovery. Furthermore, by putting the joystick down while jumping/floating, you can use aerial moves near the ground. Her down B is also very interesting, since Peach pulls out a projectile, with very low percentage to pull out a turnip with a facial scar (the Stitch Face) that can badly hurt, a Mr Saturn, that breaks shields with one hit, or even a Bob-Bomb !

Best moves


    It is her fastest aerial move. It is useful to start a combo or to continue one. It is also excellent on ledgetrap, since it can kill or deal massive damages to the opponent’s shield. The move allows to edgeguard, and its speed makes it an excellent out of shield option. A very useful move !


    It is an excellent tool to approach, which creates a barrier nearly impassable for some characters such as Ness, Fox or Mario. Indeed, this move has a huge range, can be safe on shield if well spaced, kills well while being a great out of shield option on her back !

  • UP AIR

    It possesses a broken range vertically or horizontally. It is an excellent tool against opponents that jumps a lot, and allows her to juggle quite easily. while being an interesting combo tool, it can even kill if Peach’s enemy is damaged enough.


    On the ground, it is her most dangerous tool. This move is quick and has low lag. The reward can be enormous, while the risk is pretty low. If your opponent is at low percentages, you can deal almost 60% of damage when followed by a combo, and is a kill confirm at certain percentages when followed by a Forward Air !

  • DOWN B

    It is one of the best projectiles in the game. Although it is quite slow to pull out, which can put you at a disadvantage, it is very useful in many cases, since you can hold it, even while performing aerial moves. Those projectiles allow you to edgeguard while staying home, enabling great social distancing. It also allows you to start a combo or to make the opponent come closer, except if they possess a great projectile as well.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options


    Neutral Air

    Down Smash

    Neutral Air

    Up Air

    Down Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Back Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips


    Don’t try to immediately perform super technical combos that you saw on twitter. It is better to learn the character and her options, combos will come later. Even if it is really hard, knowing the numerous mechanisms Peach has, do not give up ! Keep training, set yourself objectives, then results will come !

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    Beware not to underestimate some of her moves, like the turnip. Even if you reflect it, you still can grab it in the air and throw it back. But beware if your opponent has grabbed it, because he might combo you as easily as you would. In general, make the most of Peach’s range. Her up air and her Forward air are disjointed, which enables staying quite safe. Don’t forget it !


    When you are at disadvantage, time can seem long with Peach. But don’t warm yourself up, the risk is to put yourself in an even more complicated situation. It is preferable to wait for the right moment to reverse the situation, or at least go back in neutral. Besides, while on neutral, do not approach with the float down air at short hop range, because down air doesn’t have good horizontal range. It is a defensive tool, not an aggressive one. Furthermore, Peach struggles to land, it isn’t a good idea to position yourself too high.

    In a nutshell

    For Peach players, the pleasure of playing will come from her very technical qualities, which will always push your limits further, in order to surpass yourself again and again. Since the character is quite strong, your struggles will be rewarded, which is thrilling! It is also a fickle character, which will give you the feeling of never doing the same thing twice since a lot of her moves are useful. There isn’t one way to play Peach, since her gameplay is so rich and diversified! You get it, Peach is a strong character that deserves you to take some time for her, and which allows you to get good results with her compelling tools !

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