30 Wario

First appearance :
Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins (1992-GB)

Wario is a character that offers the opportunity to fart on his opponents, in order to inflict massive damages. Beyond that, Wario is an excellent fighter who can count on his great mobility, and on each of his moves, in order to adapt to and to counter each threat each fighter comes with.




  • Excellent mobility
  • Excellent combo game
  • Excellent OOS options
  • Great adaptability


  • Lacks range
  • Quite slow on the ground
  • Reload mechanic



  • icône de lucario
Loses his interest
  • icône de little-mac
Doesn't play in the air


  • icône de lucina
  • icône de olimar
Better range
  • icône de sonic
Too fast  






Pro Tips


coup spécial de Wario coup spécial de Wario

Wario is a fighter that stores a waft as the fight goes on. The waft reaches its climax after 1,50 minute, which offers him a really good comeback mechanism, in case Wario is late on stocks. It is interesting to note that you can load a waft quicker by eating projectiles or items with his Neutral B. Another interesting move is Wario’s Side B, where Wario brings out a bike that can help him with his recovery or just to move around. If Wario goes out of his bike, he can use it as a projectile, or use a strong move on it in order to greatly improve the move’s hitbox.

Best moves


    It is his main combo starter. If well used with platforms, we can raise the opponent's percentage to 60%, and kill him with a waft. A wario player will always want to use this move during neutral, because it is a great out of shield option and has two hits, which can surprise the opponent. Offstage, this move is great for edgeguarding, knowing that the move is active for a long time, and even can 2 frames. Most of that, the move can also be used as a combo breaker.

  • DOWN B

    Although the Waft isn’t fully loaded until 1,50 minute, it is still an excellent comeback mechanic, or even for taking great advantage over your opponent. The move kills very early, especially near a blast zone, and inflicts 40% if fully charged. A move that is mostly a combo finisher, and a move that greatly impacts your opponent’s mental state.

  • UP AIR

    This move is also quite interesting, mainly used as a combo tool, even more in order to lead on a true combo into a waft, which can kill around 40%. A great option to cover aerial approaches, even if the move doesn’t last long, and lacks of range.


    The Up Tilt possesses a very similar interest than the up air. The move can lead to a waft, and is a very good option to punish landings.


    This move is also interesting, because it is a command grab, which allows his user to overcome shields, and to launch the opponent forward. While using this move, Wario will heal a few damages. He can also use it to swallow items and projectiles in order to heal himself and to load a waft faster, depending on the item ingested. An interesting move, especially on ledge trap phases.

  • Contextual Options

    Quick Moves

    Safe on Shield

    OOS Options

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air, Down Tilt

    Dash Attack, Half Down B

    Up Air

    Neutral Air

    Down Tilt, Forward Air

    Up B

    Neutral Air

    Forward Air


    Before leaving

    Last tips

    Smooth Moves

    Wario isn’t a character tthat has the tools to rush in and to always attack his opponent, because of his lack of range. In a general way, it is better to stay safe, performing lots of whiff punish, or shield punishments. It is also recommended to abuse Wario's mobility, in order to wait for any opponent’s mistake. Besides, don’t forget that while being patient you still reload your waft.

    Wario Land on stage

    Be careful with Wario's recovery. Do not stupidly lose the bike. Wario has one of the best recoveries in the game, but only for who knows how to use it. For example, be sure to use the Bike when you are far away from your opponent, else you will surely get punished. That is the easiest way to die at low percent. The bike is a tool you MUST always have on your side. If the bike is laying on the ground, you must stay close to it, use it or quickly eat it, or else Wario will have a garbage recovery.

    Wario Nair

    Surely the Neutral Air is interesting, but it has a huge problem : it doesn't connect well. On some characters and in some cases, everything will go smoothly, but it isn't constant at all, which can be frustrating. In fact, if both hits of the attack do not connect between them, Wario will get easily punished by a grab or a jab, although he won the neutral. Then again, it can be frustrating. So do not build your entire gameplay around this move.

    In a nutshell

    By playing Wario, pleasure will come from Wario's mocking and tricky aspect. What other character offers the opportunity to fart or to drive on his opponents ? Apart from that, the character has a huge combo potential that is very satisfying to use, often starting from a single grab, and has the possibility to kill very early, reversing the match's course. It is a fighter that owns a huge comeback mechanism, which is always hype to play and to watch during a tournament. Furthermore, Wario has a huge possibility of adaptation, which allows him to do pretty much what he wants against any opponent. To sum up, there are plenty of ways to use this character, since all of his moves are useful in some ways, which contributes to give a feeling of being able to play differently against anyone.

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