How to choose the best stage for my character ?

Before starting, you must know how a set is going in tournament and how players choose a stage on which they want to play.

  1. First of all, both players must play rock-paper-scissors to determine who will choose which stages to ban first.
  2. The winner of rock-paper-scissors (P1) can then ban one of the starters stages, before the loser (P2) also do it. Then P1 can choose on which starter he wants to play among the remaining.
  3. Both players choose their character and fight.
  4. The winner of the first game can then ban two stages among every stage (including starters and counterpicks). The loser of this first game can then pick the stage he wants to play on.
  5. The winner of the first gam can now choose his character then the other player does the same. You can repeat these last steps (4 and 5) according to the results.

Of course, there are a lot of variations depending on organizers but games usually go that way.

It explains why it is essential to better know every stage in order to know which one you should ban or pick to be sure to have the ascendancy over your enemy.

From now on, you then have to ask yourself the right questions.

Do I need platforms for my combo game, to camp or to benefit from more vertical options ?

It is better, yes !
Not especially !

To take a stock, I have more options to :

Kill from the top ! 
Kill from the side !

Is my character better when he remains :

Far from his opponent or is he weak when he goes offstage ?
Close to his opponent or strong when he goes offstage ?

Can my character count :

A vertical recovery?
An horizontal recovery ?

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